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Dangers Associated with Autistic Children Wandering Away is Preventable

Tami Vigilante

Well Maintained Video Cameras Can Prevent Costly Obstructions

Tom Vigilante

Real Time Video Monitoring

Centralized Vision offers an innovative security platform that provides pro-active protection of property and assets for companies by using remote-camera monitoring with real-time response options. Our technicians visually monitor our clients’ property in real time and can dispatch security or law enforcement officers to prevent a crime. We offer the latest in security technology that […]

GPS Monitoring Devices

Centralized Vision provides real-time GPS monitoring and tracking with two-way communication devices to make people feel safe and secure wherever they may be throughout the world. Our monitoring can locate seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, autistic children that elope, low-level criminals or transportation fleet vehicles with easy-to-use, customizable technology. Our various GPS monitoring services have […]