Monthly Archives: February 2015

Tired of people dumping all over your property?

Trash may be worthless, but it still costs money to get rid of it, and sometimes people try to avoid the cost of disposing of their cast-offs by leaving them in dumpsters that someone else is paying for (you, perhaps?). That’s what happened recently at a client’s property – or rather, what almost happened. Our […]

Illegal drug use caught on video

When people use illegal substances, unpredictable behavior is often the result, which is why our security technicians are trained to be alert to any kind of suspicious activity and act on it immediately. That’s what happened recently when a CV tech noticed a man crouching down behind a dumpster. Suspecting that the trespasser was doing […]

Networking in style

We had a blast attending the Waste Management Open last week. It was a great way to network and continue our relationships in a fun atmosphere! Here are some photos, mostly from the 16th hole skybox.                                             […]