Monthly Archives: May 2015

Who’s keeping an eye on your pot?

If you had a marijuana farm, you might be a bit paranoid about people messing with your product — especially when you’re in the business of cultivating the highest quality medical marijuana available. That’s why TruMed, the premier Phoenix dispensary, hired Centralized Vision to provide live-eye surveillance camera monitoring for their cultivation facility. We’re also […]

CV call leads to arrest of copper thief suspect at a retail shopping center

It’s well known that unoccupied homes are often targeted by copper thieves, but did you know that vacant retail locations can be just as susceptible to building materials theft? That’s why a Centralized Vision technician contacted police immediately when he observed a trespasser climbing the roof of an unoccupied building in a retail shopping center. […]

Affordable nation-wide 24/7/365 security monitoring

Who do you know – anywhere in the country – who needs around-the-clock security monitoring but is on a tight budget? Traditional security systems require security personnel to be onsite around the clock, including holidays and weekends. (All that overtime pay adds up). And they must be constantly vigilant, which can be difficult when most […]

Patience and problem solving key to new partnership

Although Centralized Vision uses the latest technology to monitor remote sites 24/7/365, sometimes we have to integrate with older camera systems already in place at a new client’s site, and that can present its own set of challenges to overcome. That’s what we encountered when we started off a new partnership with Truck Masters and […]