Monthly Archives: June 2015

How to prevent false alarm fees with visual verification

If you’ve ever had your burglar alarm go off, only to discover that it was a false alarm, then you know how disruptive – and expensive – a false alarm can be. During the summer monsoon season it is especially likely for door and window contacts to be tripped as a result of heavy winds. […]

Acquisition turned into opportunity

Acquisitions can be difficult – often times employees and service providers who serve an acquired company can find themselves no longer employed or providing services. We recently faced such a situation when a client’s location that we are monitoring was acquired by another company, Southwest Metals. However, due to our proven track record, we were […]

Summer storms can cause problems for property owners

This past week’s storm was just the first of many more to come to the Arizona desert this summer. Whether monsoon storms bring driving rains, high-speed winds, dust storms and haboobs, or all of the above, property owners should be aware of how these conditions can adversely affect their property. Centralized Vision technicians can alert […]

Audio speaking capabilities take live video monitoring to the next level

While live video monitoring is at the core of what we do to keep our clients’ facilities safe and secure, the addition of audio speaking capabilities in 2010 greatly improved our ability to control environments and the culture within them. This addition was achieved by CV executives consulting and encouraging equipment providers to include audio […]