Monthly Archives: August 2015

Drug deal thwarted by Centralized Vision and Phoenix Police

At 7:17pm on Friday, August 21, a Centralized Vision technician observed two individuals acting suspiciously behind a dumpster at the back of a client’s building. He immediately notified Phoenix Police, who arrived on the scene to discover that one of the suspects was attempting to sell drugs to the other individual. When the police officers […]

What is the “bad guy network” saying about your site?

Word travels fast, especially amongst those in the criminal community looking for targets for their next theft or vandalism spree. Construction sites are generally considered easy pickings because they’re often accessible with little or no resistance. That changes when Centralized Vision is monitoring the site. We were recently hired to perform phase I security monitoring […]

Who do you call when you’re in trouble in a parking garage?

You’ve seen the emergency call boxes with the blue lights in parking lots and garages, but have you ever wondered who answers if you call? In the case of a prestigious parking garage in the heart of Chicago, you’ll be connected with a Centralized Vision operator. In the event of an emergency or parking equipment […]