Video monitoring
Intrusion Detection
Access Control

Audio Communication

Specializing in Virtual Guard, Virtual Engineering, Virtual Greeting, Virtual Concierge

  • Live Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring: CV offers 24×7 365 monitoring of all existing and newly installed camera equipment.
  • Energy Management: CV techs can manage HVAC systems to ensure they are online, optimized and functioning properly
  • Intrusion and Access Control Monitoring: CV techs may open doors, manage unauthorized door props, lock down doors, and be alerted to forced doors.
  • Badge and Data Base Management: CV techs will assist tenants, visitors, and vendors that wish to enter a facility by checking them against the facility data base. This is done to ensure those wishing to enter are permitted to do so. Additionally, CV can manage users in the data base by either deactivating or activating their badge.
  • One/Two–Way Audio Voice Down Speaking: CV techs have the ability to speak out to suspicious persons, tenants, visitors or vendors or ask that persons call in to identify themselves. (To learn more about our audio-enhanced services, click here.)
  • Video Archiving: Hard Drive storage space too limited? CV can offer you the ability to store video onto our servers and provide you access to view it whenever needed.
  • Visual Employee Escort and Scout Ahead: CV techs can be contacted by employee(s) at any time who wish to be watched over to ensure their safety as they leave, or arrive at their property.  Employees may also have the technician “scout” ahead on their preferred route to ensure nothing “out of the ordinary” is present.
  • Panic Call Station Monitoring: CV Operators are on call 24×7 365 to address emergency situations
  • Dispatch: If necessary, CV techs can dispatch security, building representatives or the police to address a concern
  • 24 hour Investigation service: A file consisting of recorded footage or still images of unauthorized motion/presence can be sent electronically for your review, a true time saving feature!

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