• Live Camera Surveillance: 24×7 365 Live monitoring of all existing and newly installed camera equipment.
  • Burglar Alarm Visual Verification:  CV is called by alarm monitoring company to visually verify validity of a burglar alarm by inspecting the locations cameras.
  • One/Two–Way “LIVE” Audio Voice Down: CV has the ability to speak out to anyone needing to be addressed or assisted.
  • Intrusion and Access Control Monitoring: CV will deny or grant persons and vehicles access and manage unauthorized door prop and forced door alerts.
  • Panic Call Station Monitoring: CV Specialists are Safety Certified and trained to assist with emergency situations.


  • EMS (Energy Management): CV monitors all event notifications and deploys the appropriate resources.
  • Temperature Control: CV can control the temperature of an environment as well as be alerted to abnormalities.
  • Flood Detection: CV monitors environmental flood detection sensors.
  • Lighting Control and Assessment: CV can turn lights on and off and evaluate the condition of all lighting.
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power supply): CV monitors power to ensure all systems are optimized, to report surges and manage total power failures.
  • Irrigation (sprinkler failure): CV monitors the grounds for pooling water, geysers and running water.


  • Visual Employee/Tenant/Resident Escort and Scout Ahead: CV can be contacted and asked to be watched over to ensure a person is safe as they leave, or arrive at their location.  A “scout ahead” of the callers preferred route can be requested to ensure nothing “out of the ordinary” is present.
  • Call Box Communication:  CV will greet callers needing assistance entering community gates or a controlled door.
  • Access Control:  CV may grant or deny access through a community gate or controlled door by qualifying the caller against the data base of authorized users.
  • Card Access Creation: CV can assist your efforts by creating all access cards/fobs from our command center in an effort to save you time.
  • Card Access and Data Base Management: CV can manage users in a database and may deactivate or activate user access privileges.
  • Report Creation and Submission:  CV can generate and submit user reports to include active and inactive access, arrival/departure and terminated employees.

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