“Safety, security, risk management and investigation. These are just a few reason UltraStar Multi-tainment selected Centralized Vision to be our partner in monitoring and protection. The business world is unforgiving, one missed incident could expose you to loss on many levels. The professionalism of Centralized Vision and their attention to detail has proven them as a premier monitoring team with thorough documentation and follow up. Centralized Vision prides itself on the knowledge and competence of their agents. The team at Centralized Vision takes the time to observe, document and communicate in a timely and clear fashion. Our entire team feels better knowing they are our eye in the sky and our company can operate with the confidence of having the best protection possible. Whether your business is large or small, the team at Centralized Vision will take the time to develop the right program for you and insure its success!”

Adam Saks, UltraStar Multi-tainment

“Our community has been extremely happy with the quality of services that has been provided by Centralized Vision. We would highly recommend Centralized Vision to any other community looking to protect their assets. Their ability to provide live remote video monitoring and pictures and video via e-mail to catch persons damaging our property has changed our community and its culture. This has saved our company thousands of dollars.”

Corie Wilkins, Property Manager

“We brought on Centralized Vision to be more financially efficient in replacing one of our guard patrol shifts with real-time camera monitoring. We are so glad we accepted this new concept because it has given us the tranquility of our property always being watched and having an immediate response plan if an incident should occur. Centralized Vision’s quick response to incidents on our property is proof of their service capabilities.”

Ana Gonzalez, Triyar Management of Arizona

“As you know we have had a horrible problem with break ins at our Broadway yard at 15th Ave. locations. We had installed 9 security cameras, but we had no way to monitor the cameras at night or on the weekends. Then we were approached by your company “Centralized Vision”, Centralized Vision now protects us during the night and weekend hours.

The results: within the first 30 days we’ve had one thief in jail that Centralized Vision caught through their monitoring service. Another benefit of centralized vision is that we are saving approximately $6000.00 per month over our previous service.

Again, Tom we say “thank you”!”

Bill Butcher, General Manager, Arizona Recycling

“Tom it has been a pleasure working with you.Your company has been a great asset to our company, the quick response of your company has led to an arrest of an individual that was breaking and entering into our location on Broadway. We at Arizona Recycling Broadway are able to rest easier knowing Centralized Vision is on patrol and protecting our investment.

Thanks from the team at the AZ Recycling Broadway location!”

“Since utilizing Centralized Vision the experience has been a pleasant one. Tom Vigilante and the rest of the staff have always been responsive in assisting and performing duties above and beyond what their regular duties consist of. A professionally run business who cares and services their clients with pride.”

Vicky Parra, RPA®, Property Manager
Vickie Kuchinski, Assistant Property Manager

“We manage a large condominium project in Surprise Arizona and Centralized Vision is our monitoring company. They were very helpful in the beginning stages of adding cameras and equipment to our property and showing us how to utilize the equipment. We have also been successful in identifying problems on the property because of the live monitoring service. They have friendly staff members that are always available to help us, the customer service is excellent!

Having the camera monitoring in place has given a better sense of security to the owners and we feel has added value to this property.”

Dan Peterson, President/Owner, Peterson Company