Who we are

Company Summary

Centralized Vision is the leader in offering real-time monitoring services to provide safety and security for companies and families throughout the country. Backed by decades of experience in security services, Centralized Vision provides pro-active protection of property and assets from our 24×7, 365 central monitoring station by using remote monitoring with real-time response options.

Whether its providing real-time monitoring of auto dealerships, construction sites, retail centers, schools, entertainment facilities, sporting venues, recycling facilities, office buildings, medical buildings and or warehouse distribution centers our Safety Certified Specialists are dedicated to ensuring people and environments are safe and secure.

Company Principles

Affordability: Protecting a valuable asset is not an expensive investment. By using the latest in security technology from a centralized location, Centralized Vision provides affordable pricing options that fit into any company’s budget.

Customer Satisfaction: We know that exceeding the expectations of our clients is a must, which is why we invest tremendous resources into building client relationships. By constantly keeping an open line of communication with our customers, providing daily property reports and staying consistent, we can offer unmatched services.

Pro-Active Support: Centralized Vision does not record surveillance footage for future review. Our Specialists are visually monitoring our clients’ properties in real time and can dispatch security or law enforcement officers to prevent a crime. Our Specialists are safety and CPR certified and can assist in almost any emergency.

Technology: Centralized Vision offers the latest in security technology that interfaces with all brands of equipment and proprietary reporting software. Specialists at our centralized location also process, archive and protect video surveillance footage if needed for future use.

These core values are the cornerstones to Centralized Visions growth and success and have contributed to their 95% customer retention since launching 10 plus years ago.