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From our National Command Center, we provide live, remote monitoring services by leveraging our customers technology to take a pro-active approach to the safety and security of their facility.

Virtual Services

Virtual Guard

Stop incidents before they occur! By leveraging your technology, we help you take a pro-active approach to safety & security.

Virtual Greeter / Concierge

Eliminate the abuse of 4-digit codes and take back control of your callboxes. Virtual Greeter ensures that Visitors and Vendors are properly vetted before given access to property or facility.

Virtual Engineer

Ensure networks and SMART systems alerts are monitored and reacted to in real time.

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Watch this interactive video to see how our services allow you to take a pro-active approach to the safety and security of your facility.

Industries Served

We service but are not limited to the following industries.

Tap into our Smart Partner Network!

Need assistance finding a quality partner to assist in choosing the right equipment for your facility?

As an adopter of all technology, we give our customers the flexibility to choose the technology that fits their needs and budget. By tapping into our network of partners we hope to help you save time in researching companies and align you with quality partners you can trust.

Our Services in Action

With every environment comes new challenges and opportunities to make a difference.  Our videos give you a glimpse into the incredible impact that live, remote security monitoring can have on your facility.

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