New website highlights V.I.A.A.S. security model

At Centralized Vision, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of real-time video surveillance technology. We felt it was time our website got an update to match. Our new website highlights Centralized Vision’s unique V.I.A.A.S. model, which summarizes the levels of services we can offer. Video monitoring – Our highly-trained Operating Technicians monitor […]

Phoenix TV Stations Highlight Centralized Vision’s Camera Monitoring Capture

FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV Centralized Vision received quite a bit of interest from the Phoenix media after a recent video surveillance capture for a shopping center client in West Phoenix revealed a naked male trespasser on camera. 3TV and Fox 10 each aired their own segments about Centralized Vision during segments […]

Centralized Vision Infomercial

Centralized Vision is a leading company that offers real-time verification services and personal GPS monitoring to provide safety and security for companies and families throughout the world.

Centralized Vision Camera Monitoring Catches Copper Theft Criminals

Centralized Vision’s real-time monitoring for one of its clients assisted in apprehending two copper thieves removing materials from a facility. In this video, two men walk along the fence line to the property, with a man wearing a green shirt in camera view on the property throws copper items over the fence. Shortly after, the […]

Naked Man Caught on Video Surveillance While Trespassing at Phoenix Shopping Center

Centralized Vision’s video monitoring technician immediately alerted the Phoenix Police Department after noticing from a surveillance camera that a white male was trespassing in a fenced-off area on the property of the West Highland Shopping Center in west Phoenix during the evening on October 9. After going behind a trash dumpster on the property, the […]