Criminals need money for the holidays too

The biggest shopping season of the year is almost upon us, and that means increased levels of crime. There’s greater opportunities for thieves, such as parking lots full of cars loaded with gifts. And the stress of lack of money for holiday gifts can lead to higher property crimes ranging from petty theft to the […]

Centralized Vision Partners with NRG

You’ve seen solar panels popping up everywhere – on top of parking structures, homes, office buildings, and even expanses of “solar farms” out in the desert. Businesses make a significant investment in this high-tech equipment, and that can be a draw for theft and vandalism. That’s why solar power developer NRG has contracted Centralized Vision […]

Suspect Pleads Guilty to Theft Called in by Centralized Vision Technician

In December 2012, Centralized Vision technician Adrian Candelaria noticed suspicious activity after seeing two trespassers on camera at the vacant Infiniti of Scottsdale dealership the company monitors. Candelaria was scheduled to testify in the case this past week, then received word that the defendant, David P. O’Daniel, accepted a plea bargain and will serve 5 […]

Welcome Jason Alofs to the Centralized Vision team

The Centralized Vision team is proud to welcome Jason Alofs as a Business Account Manager. Although new to the CV team, Jason has a long record of sales excellence, consistently receiving recognition as a Top Performer in sales and management of fitness facilities and gyms. Jason grew up in Columbia, Maryland and was very active […]