Thankful to be thriving and growing – new job openings at CV

Thanksgiving image
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Violette79.

This Thanksgiving, we’re so thankful for all our clients and team members who are an important part of our thriving, growing company.

We are currently hiring for three positions — 1 full-time and 2 part-time.

Qualified candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and must be observant, focused, professional, and dependable. Great customer service skills required. Computer experience and/or law enforcement/security experience is preferred.

To apply, contact Tami Vigilante.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Centralized Vision family!

Peace of mind – and body – for those who work late

Camera3Now that the days are getting shorter, it is often dark when employees leave work. Those who work late into the night are usually unaware of the elements surrounding them while they prepare to leave from their place of work.

Centralized Vision offers a specialized service that allows employees or tenants to contact a CV Safety Certified Operating Technician and ask them to either scout ahead the path to their vehicle or watch over them while they walk to it.

In the event someone is seen lurking in the shadows, they can be challenged vocally through our audio speakers. If the safety of the person being escorted is compromised, a call to local authorities is placed and audio is used to make our presence known. These deterrents (video and audio) are powerful reminders that we are watching and are prepared to act in a moment’s notice.

The visual scout ahead and visual escort services are available at any location we monitor; contact your CV representative to learn more about the service.

CV awarded Access Control contract

MLK_Ambulatory_Care_CenterCentralized Vision has been awarded the Access Control contract for The Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center in Willowbrook, California.

Although live video monitoring is the core of our business model, being able to offer customers only access control, when required, allows our company to provide customized solutions that fit the client’s needs.

Our Operating Technicians are now managing access to and from entry points throughout MLK Care Center’s facility, providing a safer environment for patients, visitors and employees.