Who knows what’s waiting for you when you take out the trash?

dumpster_vagrantTaking out the trash is a pretty routine chore, but sometimes it can get interesting fast – and not in a good way. Imagine taking the trash out late at night at the end of your work shift and startling a homeless vagrant sleeping in the dumpster!

Employees whose job involves taking trash to dumpsters in any environment need to be cautious when doing so in case there is a vagrant sleeping in it or going through the garbage. This could potentially lead to a variety of negative situations, such as robbery, assault, etc. Vagrants can be unpredictable – harmless in some cases and violent in others – so caution is always called for.

We were reminded of this important caution this week when a CV technician spotted a vagrant taking up residence in a dumpster and notified police before anyone else came into contact with him, preventing a possibly dangerous situation. The police cited the vagrant for criminal trespassing and made sure he left the property. Watch the video here.

Not only does our monitoring service help diffuse these situations before they turn into a serious criminal act, employees can have additional peace of mind by using our visual escort service or scout ahead service. Our technicians can be contacted by employees at any time and ask to be watched over as they leave the building and go to the dumpster and back. Employees may also have the technician scout the route to the dumpster ahead of time to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary is present.