Tired of people dumping all over your property?

GLakesDumper2Trash may be worthless, but it still costs money to get rid of it, and sometimes people try to avoid the cost of disposing of their cast-offs by leaving them in dumpsters that someone else is paying for (you, perhaps?).

That’s what happened recently at a client’s property – or rather, what almost happened. Our CV technician observed a white pick up truck pull up to the dumpster in the rear of the property. The driver stepped out and was getting ready to dump a king sized mattress on the side of the dumpsters. The CV tech made an audio callout letting the driver know that dumping is illegal and that his license plate number had been recorded. The trespasser quickly picks up the mattress, reloads it back into his truck, and leaves.

And that’s one less hassle and expense for the managers of the property to have to deal with.