What’s going on behind your back?

westhighland3615backdoorWhen people consider installing security cameras, they’re usually thinking about preventing theft and vandalism. While these are important reasons to have cameras, what our clients discover is that there are all kinds of other things that people do when they think no one is watching, and you’d be surprised at some of the crazy stuff people do.

For example, one of our CV technicians recently observed two employees exiting the rear door of a client’s building, and one of the employees began urinating right next to the door.

Gross! If you were the property owner, wouldn’t you want to know that this kind of thing was happening? After all, you can’t take corrective action on a situation you don’t know exists. What’s worse, this business was a restaurant. Think of how something like this could hurt the health rating and public image of the business if it was discovered by someone else, like a health inspector.

Bottom line: Until you have cameras, and Centralized Vision monitoring them, you never know what’s really happening on your property.