CV makes sure it’s safe to relax by the pool

pool-fence-jumperThe weather is warming up, and as a result people living in residential communities like to take advantage of the swimming pools in their complexes. With this increased use comes a variety of inappropriate, destructive, and even dangerous activities. Centralized Vision is hired by property managers as an alternative to security vehicle patrol and/or standing guard services, at a fraction of the cost, to assure rules are being followed and enforced.

Whether residents are unaware of pool usage rules, or ignore the rules, or aren’t even residents at all, our CV technicians take action when they see a violation by making a verbal call out via a 1-way audio speaker to those not following the pool rules and/or by dispatching security patrol to intervene if necessary. Some of these situations include:

  • Non-residents jumping the fence to take advantage of the facilities (like the guy in the image above)
  • A minor in the pool area without adult supervision
  • Adults being belligerent at the pool (with or without children)
  • Glass bottles of any kind being used around the pool
  • Vandalizing the pool area by throwing chairs/tables into the pool, and/or stealing whatever they can take
  • Sexual acts being performed (yes, it happens)

While protecting the property is important, it’s especially critical to make sure pools are monitored for potential drowning risks. On average, nearly 90 people die from drowning in Arizona each year, with the majority of those deaths happening between April and August. Drowning is the number one cause of injury-related deaths for children ages 1 through 4.

Although CV technicians are not lifeguards, they are safety certified so that in the event an accident does occur during the times they are watching, they can help talk residents through CPR while emergency services are dispatched.

Bottom line: The pool can be a great summer hangout as long as everyone is following the rules and being safe, and with CV technicians “keeping an eye on what matters most”, everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.

Employee sleeping at work caught on camera

employee sleeping on the jobIt’s not unusual for an employee to come to work tired, but what if they are actually falling asleep on the job? That’s what one of our technicians caught on camera recently, and our client was grateful to be informed about what was really going on.

With sleeping on the job becoming such a serious concern, many businesses are taking a technological approach to monitoring staff with camera surveillance systems. The trend now is to include real-time monitoring from an unbiased eye like Centralized Vision to ensure workers stay on task.

“Employee monitoring is being used to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee performance, and enhance productivity,” according to Kristin Morgan at St. Francis University.

Video surveillance can be used for more than preventing crime. Employers can utilize video monitoring to address safety risks, improve work processes, and identify employees who are going above and beyond as well as those who aren’t pulling their weight.

It’s one thing to use video surveillance to protect against shoplifters and other criminals; it’s another to use video surveillance to keep an eye on workers. But whether an employee is catching z’s while on the job, taking shortcuts in their work, stealing property, or spending an excessive amount of time on personal matters, there’s no denying that it can impact a company’s bottom line, productivity, and more. The key is to show employees how monitoring can help them improve performance, recognize those who are doing a great job, and keep everyone safe at work.

Contact a Centralized Vision representative to help you craft a monitoring program that can satisfy your need for employee monitoring while minimizing the impact on employee privacy.


ISC WEST security industry trade show

Centralized Vision founders Tom and Tami Vigilante are attending the ISC WEST show this week in Las Vegas. ISC WEST is the largest security industry trade show in the U.S. With 1,000+ security industry exhibitors and over 28,000 security professionals in attendance, it is a fantastic opportunity to stay current with today’s latest technology offerings and to network and solidify partnerships with equipment integration organizations.


Protecting medical innovation

Premier-ResearchWhen you’re in the business of providing innovative research and development, protecting that research is key. This isn’t just a job for intellectual property attorneys – the physical assets need to be secured as well.

That’s why Premier Research hired Centralized Vision to watch over its Phoenix facilities, and their positive experience with us has led them to expand their contract with us to include monitoring their facility in Austin, Texas as well.

Our primary focus is to ensure the safety and security of the research facilities’ back-up power supplies, including emergency generators. We accomplish this by providing 24×7 live-eye video surveillance, including audio speaking capabilities. This allows us to deter unauthorized persons from loitering on site, and to require authorized persons to contact our operators and announce themselves before entering secure areas.

Premier Research is a contract research organization (CRO) – an organization that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form of research services outsourced on a contract basis. Premier Research focuses on serving the needs of small, highly innovative companies whose developments are changing medical history, especially in the areas of pediatric medicine and rare diseases.

We are a proud partner of Premier Research and support its efforts to provide the tools needed to transform brave new ideas into break-through therapies.


Closing of major homeless shelters could mean more vagrants in your area

homeless-personAccording to an AZCentral article, Maricopa County has plans to shut down two shelter locations that house hundreds of homeless men and women each night. The first will close in April as a result of the building not meeting fire code, and the second, which is just a parking lot, may be reclaimed by its owner in June.

Where else will these 250+ people go, some of whom have criminal records, serious mental disabilities, and substance-abuse issues? Many will have no choice but to take up residence on the streets of nearby neighborhoods, which Phoenix police expect will lead to higher crime and vandalism. This article spells out the potential issues:

Without [the shelters], the homeless can create a number of problems for surrounding neighborhoods. “Everything from camping, people def­ecating, urinating, trash in the neighborhood, criminal damage, liquor violations, theft, quality-of-life-type crimes that affect a neighborhood,” [said Jeff Howell, Phoenix police downtown liaison officer].

Plan ahead to secure your property

Considering your security options now will allow you to pro-actively combat this situation from negatively impacting your office building, retail center, and neighborhood. Through the installation of security cameras and one-way audio, Centralized Vision technicians can actively monitor these locations to rid them of harmful vagrant activity.