Employee sleeping at work caught on camera

employee sleeping on the jobIt’s not unusual for an employee to come to work tired, but what if they are actually falling asleep on the job? That’s what one of our technicians caught on camera recently, and our client was grateful to be informed about what was really going on.

With sleeping on the job becoming such a serious concern, many businesses are taking a technological approach to monitoring staff with camera surveillance systems. The trend now is to include real-time monitoring from an unbiased eye like Centralized Vision to ensure workers stay on task.

“Employee monitoring is being used to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee performance, and enhance productivity,” according to Kristin Morgan at St. Francis University.

Video surveillance can be used for more than preventing crime. Employers can utilize video monitoring to address safety risks, improve work processes, and identify employees who are going above and beyond as well as those who aren’t pulling their weight.

It’s one thing to use video surveillance to protect against shoplifters and other criminals; it’s another to use video surveillance to keep an eye on workers. But whether an employee is catching z’s while on the job, taking shortcuts in their work, stealing property, or spending an excessive amount of time on personal matters, there’s no denying that it can impact a company’s bottom line, productivity, and more. The key is to show employees how monitoring can help them improve performance, recognize those who are doing a great job, and keep everyone safe at work.

Contact a Centralized Vision representative to help you craft a monitoring program that can satisfy your need for employee monitoring while minimizing the impact on employee privacy.