CV makes sure it’s safe to relax by the pool

pool-fence-jumperThe weather is warming up, and as a result people living in residential communities like to take advantage of the swimming pools in their complexes. With this increased use comes a variety of inappropriate, destructive, and even dangerous activities. Centralized Vision is hired by property managers as an alternative to security vehicle patrol and/or standing guard services, at a fraction of the cost, to assure rules are being followed and enforced.

Whether residents are unaware of pool usage rules, or ignore the rules, or aren’t even residents at all, our CV technicians take action when they see a violation by making a verbal call out via a 1-way audio speaker to those not following the pool rules and/or by dispatching security patrol to intervene if necessary. Some of these situations include:

  • Non-residents jumping the fence to take advantage of the facilities (like the guy in the image above)
  • A minor in the pool area without adult supervision
  • Adults being belligerent at the pool (with or without children)
  • Glass bottles of any kind being used around the pool
  • Vandalizing the pool area by throwing chairs/tables into the pool, and/or stealing whatever they can take
  • Sexual acts being performed (yes, it happens)

While protecting the property is important, it’s especially critical to make sure pools are monitored for potential drowning risks. On average, nearly 90 people die from drowning in Arizona each year, with the majority of those deaths happening between April and August. Drowning is the number one cause of injury-related deaths for children ages 1 through 4.

Although CV technicians are not lifeguards, they are safety certified so that in the event an accident does occur during the times they are watching, they can help talk residents through CPR while emergency services are dispatched.

Bottom line: The pool can be a great summer hangout as long as everyone is following the rules and being safe, and with CV technicians “keeping an eye on what matters most”, everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.