Patience and problem solving key to new partnership

Camera3Although Centralized Vision uses the latest technology to monitor remote sites 24/7/365, sometimes we have to integrate with older camera systems already in place at a new client’s site, and that can present its own set of challenges to overcome.

That’s what we encountered when we started off a new partnership with Truck Masters and Lifted Trucks in Phoenix. Their specialty automotive dealerships were in need of after-hours live monitoring at an affordable price. We were proud to partner with another great locally based corporation that is committed to excellence and to treating their customers like family. Standing in the way of this fledgling relationship were their legacy camera systems.

The Lifted Trucks system is in the ceiling, which no one knew about beforehand. Once we found the system, of course it was offline and needed to be reconfigured. But no one had the username and password, so we had to access the system without them, which was tricky, but accomplished. We then had to reconfigure the settings in order for it to communicate with the network so that we could connect to it from our central station.

The Truck Masters system is an ADT system. ADT is historically uncooperative to work with and connect to. We had to explore the user settings and reconfigure them in order for this system to allow a connection to occur from our central station.

Despite these challenges, our CV techs were successful all the way around, proving once again their ability to overcome adversity.

We encounter this scenario – and other technical challenges – on an ongoing basis.  A little old fashioned patience is key to moving through such obstacles where others might get frustrated and walk away.

Centralized Vision is proud to now be monitoring the Truck Masters and Lifted Trucks locations to ensure their lots are secure after hours. With the ever-increasing vagrant population and higher-than-normal crime rate in this area of Phoenix, we are a welcomed addition to their crime fighting efforts.