How to prevent false alarm fees with visual verification

Camera3If you’ve ever had your burglar alarm go off, only to discover that it was a false alarm, then you know how disruptive – and expensive – a false alarm can be.

During the summer monsoon season it is especially likely for door and window contacts to be tripped as a result of heavy winds. When this happens, the police department gets dispatched, discovers it’s a false alarm, and then the city sends you a bill for a false alarm fee of approximately $100.

That’s why Centralized Vision works closely with our clients’ burglar alarm monitoring companies. In the event that an alarm is triggered, we are the first to be called because we can provide a visual verification to determine who or what tripped the alarm. This allows us to prevent false alarms that unnecessarily tie up police resources and cost clients money, and if there is an intrusion, we can give the police specific information on where the intruder is in real time, leading to their arrest.

Acquisition turned into opportunity


Acquisitions can be difficult – often times employees and service providers who serve an acquired company can find themselves no longer employed or providing services. We recently faced such a situation when a client’s location that we are monitoring was acquired by another company, Southwest Metals. However, due to our proven track record, we were able to demonstrate to the new owners the value of our services so that they not only retained our current contract, they also expanded our services to their existing location.

Southwest Metals is concerned with theft and vandalism, and due to having an abundance of scrap inventory at their recycling yards, this concern is understandable. Metal, especially scrap, is worth money and is of great interest to the homeless community in particular due to it being generally small and light weight, making it easy to carry away. The value associated to scrap may not seem like a lot, but for those living on the streets, a few extra dollars is enough to justify the risk associated with the crime. Real-time security camera monitoring certainly dissuades this type of crime, yet being able to speak to trespassers live changes everything, usually for good.

One additional benefit we offer is fire watch. Fire is a serious threat for these types of businesses who have a great deal of flammable inventory. CV techs experienced this first hand several weeks ago when a fire broke out at this location. When the fire was discovered, our techs worked with the Phoenix Fire Department to get it put out before it reached the main structures, preventing further loss of property and solidifying another raving fan.




Summer storms can cause problems for property owners

Photo source: Wikipedia.

This past week’s storm was just the first of many more to come to the Arizona desert this summer. Whether monsoon storms bring driving rains, high-speed winds, dust storms and haboobs, or all of the above, property owners should be aware of how these conditions can adversely affect their property.

Centralized Vision technicians can alert property owners to situations that reduce the effectiveness of camera equipment, or make them aware of damage that these storms cause to properties. For example:

  • Cameras can become coated with dust, leading to poor visibility.
  • High winds can cause cameras to move and/or go offline.
  • Trees and shrubs that are overgrown from spring growth can block camera views.
  • Flooding and pooling water near building walls which can cause interior structural damage.
  • At apartment complexes, pool furniture and umbrellas and can get blown into pools or surrounding areas.

With 24/7/365 monitoring, our CV techs are helpful not only for security purposes but also to help assist property managers in maintaining their properties. No matter what kind of storm you’re weathering, we are always keeping an eye on what matters most!


Audio speaking capabilities take live video monitoring to the next level

Image-VWhile live video monitoring is at the core of what we do to keep our clients’ facilities safe and secure, the addition of audio speaking capabilities in 2010 greatly improved our ability to control environments and the culture within them. This addition was achieved by CV executives consulting and encouraging equipment providers to include audio speakers with their service offering. It worked, and as a result, we’re able to offer monitoring equivalent to having a person on site.

Audio is a very powerful tool and having the ability to speak impacts environments in a variety of different ways. The following is an overview of the various types of audio services available from Centralized Vision.

Virtual Guard: Live video monitoring combined with one-way audio. CV techs act as the eye in the sky with the ability to speak out to dissuade persons from committing crimes such as trespassing, vandalism, dumpster diving, or setting up camp to spend the night.

Virtual Greeter: Live video monitoring combined with two-way audio utilized within gated communities or corporate environments with restricted access. All persons entering these environments call CV operators to announce themselves and are spoken back to in order to appropriately manage their needs.

Virtual 911 Operator: Two-way audio for emergency calls placed by persons using a code blue or similar emergency call box located on a corporate or school campus, or from any persons gaining access to a sign with our central station’s number on it needing emergency assistance.

Virtual Vendor Qualifier: Live video monitoring combined with two-way audio speaking capabilities to ask that suspicious persons approach the speaker and speak directly to us to announce who they are and what their business on site is. This is utilized in locations that have people coming and going after hours such as cleaning crews, maintenance crews, security companies, and tenants, to confirm their legitimacy.