Acquisition turned into opportunity


Acquisitions can be difficult – often times employees and service providers who serve an acquired company can find themselves no longer employed or providing services. We recently faced such a situation when a client’s location that we are monitoring was acquired by another company, Southwest Metals. However, due to our proven track record, we were able to demonstrate to the new owners the value of our services so that they not only retained our current contract, they also expanded our services to their existing location.

Southwest Metals is concerned with theft and vandalism, and due to having an abundance of scrap inventory at their recycling yards, this concern is understandable. Metal, especially scrap, is worth money and is of great interest to the homeless community in particular due to it being generally small and light weight, making it easy to carry away. The value associated to scrap may not seem like a lot, but for those living on the streets, a few extra dollars is enough to justify the risk associated with the crime. Real-time security camera monitoring certainly dissuades this type of crime, yet being able to speak to trespassers live changes everything, usually for good.

One additional benefit we offer is fire watch. Fire is a serious threat for these types of businesses who have a great deal of flammable inventory. CV techs experienced this first hand several weeks ago when a fire broke out at this location. When the fire was discovered, our techs worked with the Phoenix Fire Department to get it put out before it reached the main structures, preventing further loss of property and solidifying another raving fan.