How to prevent false alarm fees with visual verification

Camera3If you’ve ever had your burglar alarm go off, only to discover that it was a false alarm, then you know how disruptive – and expensive – a false alarm can be.

During the summer monsoon season it is especially likely for door and window contacts to be tripped as a result of heavy winds. When this happens, the police department gets dispatched, discovers it’s a false alarm, and then the city sends you a bill for a false alarm fee of approximately $100.

That’s why Centralized Vision works closely with our clients’ burglar alarm monitoring companies. In the event that an alarm is triggered, we are the first to be called because we can provide a visual verification to determine who or what tripped the alarm. This allows us to prevent false alarms that unnecessarily tie up police resources and cost clients money, and if there is an intrusion, we can give the police specific information on where the intruder is in real time, leading to their arrest.