Who’s keeping an eye on your building’s vital systems?

TorranceMemorialNo one notices the air conditioning system… until it stops working. Then everyone notices, and not in a good way. Loss of AC and other vital building systems can significantly impact the facility’s ability to operate normally and lead to unsatisfied customers and staff, loss of business, and hurt the company’s reputation. And then there are the repair costs, which cost more if a problem isn’t fixed in its early stages.

That’s why some facilities, like the Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, California, are turning to companies like Centralized Vision to monitor their energy systems and respond quickly to equipment failure alerts.

As part of our energy management monitoring contract with the Torrance Memorial Medical Center, our primary function is to respond to event notifications that are generated as a result of internal system failures for all HVAC-related components. When alerts come in, we reach out to on-call technicians to assist with corrective action, hopefully resolving the problem before it has a significant impact on patients and staff.

Knowing that our organization plays such a vital role in the safety and well being of all who are affiliated with such a prestigious medical center is a true honor.