Who do you call when you’re in trouble in a parking garage?

Chicago-parking-garageYou’ve seen the emergency call boxes with the blue lights in parking lots and garages, but have you ever wondered who answers if you call? In the case of a prestigious parking garage in the heart of Chicago, you’ll be connected with a Centralized Vision operator.

In the event of an emergency or parking equipment malfunction, a guest of the garage may use one of the many call boxes located throughout the garage to call a CV operator and ask for their assistance. Since all CV operators are Safety Certified, they’re equipped with the knowledge needed to assist a caller in the event of an emergency situation. They will also have access to all 12 of the high-resolution cameras located throughout the garage in order to obtain a visual of the caller and any assailant nearby.

CV operators can also assist a caller with any garage equipment problem such as a gate arm malfunction, a ticket jam, or a payment transaction failure.

As security technology is deployed in more garages like this, our emergency call box greeter assist program with customized levels of monitoring gives garage owners a simple solution to ensure the safety and peace of mind of their customers.