Vendor non-compliance is no match for Virtual Guard

It’s a movie cliché at this point – a character gets access to a property posing as an electrician/plumber/repairman and is granted access because they look like who they say they are. Maybe it doesn’t happen in real life as often as it does on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean that every occurrence […]

Extend the life of your monitoring equipment

With fall fast approaching, now’s a good time to start thinking about your annual camera equipment tune-up. Taking care of your system is like maintenance on your vehicle – if you take the time and effort to maintain your system, the longevity will be extended. Some things to typically address include: Cleaning lenses/domes Checking system […]

Keep your eye on the ball

At Centralized Vision, we keep an eye on what matters most – and that often includes not only important physical assets like buildings, but the people who work in them as well. Looking out for the physical safety of your people is critical. So is looking out for the relationship your team has as a […]