Vendor non-compliance is no match for Virtual Guard

Image-VIt’s a movie cliché at this point – a character gets access to a property posing as an electrician/plumber/repairman and is granted access because they look like who they say they are. Maybe it doesn’t happen in real life as often as it does on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean that every occurrence shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Rarely do service vendors inform property managers and our monitoring company when they are arriving to perform work. When a vendor arrives unexpectedly on a property that we monitor, Centralized Vision technicians considers this person a threat until determined otherwise, especially when occurring during the middle of the night.

CV-electrician2However, rather than call police immediately, we perform an audio callout to address the suspect in question, vocally commanding him to call our center to identify himself. We call this Virtual Guard. This allows us to avoid unnecessary police dispatches while still maintaining the highest level of vigilance concerning the property’s security.

CV-electrician1For example, we had a recent case at a Phoenix-based retail center where we observed a person in an area that is off limits. Our center had not been made aware of any work to be performed, so we reacted. After receiving no response to our initial audio call out, we called out again to inform him that this was his final warning and that police would be dispatched unless a call was received from him stating the nature of his business. No more than a few seconds passed by before we received his call. He announced himself as an after-hours electrician who was on site to address a problem. Our CV techs cross-checked him against the property’s vendor database and allowed him to remain to perform the needed work on site.

Holding vendors accountable to a higher standard is just one of the many functions we perform while monitoring a property. After this experience, we believe that this vendor is going to think twice the next time he needs to perform any work at that property and will first call our center to announce himself.

Extend the life of your monitoring equipment

slider1With fall fast approaching, now’s a good time to start thinking about your annual camera equipment tune-up. Taking care of your system is like maintenance on your vehicle – if you take the time and effort to maintain your system, the longevity will be extended.

Some things to typically address include:

  • Cleaning lenses/domes
  • Checking system power supplies to ensure they are strong
  • Ensuring that exposed camera cable lines aren’t damaged by sun or other exposure to the elements
  • Verifying viewing images aren’t blurry, and are free from wavy lines
  • Checking that cameras are working and recording properly

Where we’re headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re ending our monsoon season, so now’s the time to start thinking about the damage that the wind, rain, and dust may have done to the camera equipment at your properties.

Keeping the lenses and domes clean should be a top priority, since a clean, crisp view from the camera to assess the condition of your environment is ideal for our technicians (or whomever is monitoring through your equipment) to successfully watch over your property.

This maintenance is especially important if you have an unmonitored camera system that isn’t checked/used regularly by a live person since damage that affects performance can go unnoticed for weeks, or even months, and you could find yourself unexpectedly without footage at a time when you need it most.

If you want to make sure your camera equipment is checked but have no idea where to begin and would like some assistance with this maintenance, we’re happy to assist. Although we are not an equipment company, we will gladly recommend a company to you who can perform this maintenance.

Keep your eye on the ball

DSC_0613 At Centralized Vision, we keep an eye on what matters most – and that often includes not only important physical assets like buildings, but the people who work in them as well. Looking out for the physical safety of your people is critical. So is looking out for the relationship your team has as a group.

That’s why team building is an important part of any company, which is what prompted us to take our team out to the ballgame this week. We rented a suite at Chase Field, complete with food and drinks, and we all hung out and had a great time watching the Arizona Diamondbacks play. Here are a few of the photos we took:

DSC_0606 DSC_0609 DSC_0610DSC_0619



Centralized Vision specializes in V.I.A.A.S. (Video monitoring, Intrusion detection, Access control, Audio communication, Surveillance). Contact a Centralized Vision professional to discuss our solutions in more detail.



Police officer shortage presents a challenge – and an opportunity – for businesses

centralizedvision-10Police departments across the nation are having difficulty filling positions, with applications down as much as 90% over what was typical 10 years ago. The Phoenix Police Department has only recently begun taking new applicants again after a 6-year hiring freeze brought on by the recession.

And if it is hard for police departments to fill positions, it is even harder for companies hoping to hire off-duty police officers to act as on-site security. While this can present a challenge to companies in need of quality security for their property, it also presents an opportunity to save money by switching to 24/7/365 remote monitoring.

Centralized Vision’s safety-certified technicians are on duty around the clock and are available as an alternative. They monitor the property via security cameras and, with the right equipment at the property, can use audio speakers to address people on site and control access to secure areas. If there’s ever a need for an on-site presence, say due to a suspicious person on the property, our proactive technicians call the local police immediately to resolve the situation. Historically when P.D. is dispatched by our techs their response time is less than 8 minutes.

To learn more about how Centralized Vision’s monitoring services, contact a Centralized Vision professional today.