Police officer shortage presents a challenge – and an opportunity – for businesses

centralizedvision-10Police departments across the nation are having difficulty filling positions, with applications down as much as 90% over what was typical 10 years ago. The Phoenix Police Department has only recently begun taking new applicants again after a 6-year hiring freeze brought on by the recession.

And if it is hard for police departments to fill positions, it is even harder for companies hoping to hire off-duty police officers to act as on-site security. While this can present a challenge to companies in need of quality security for their property, it also presents an opportunity to save money by switching to 24/7/365 remote monitoring.

Centralized Vision’s safety-certified technicians are on duty around the clock and are available as an alternative. They monitor the property via security cameras and, with the right equipment at the property, can use audio speakers to address people on site and control access to secure areas. If there’s ever a need for an on-site presence, say due to a suspicious person on the property, our proactive technicians call the local police immediately to resolve the situation. Historically when P.D. is dispatched by our techs their response time is less than 8 minutes.

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