Construction Jobsite Safety and Security – How real-time monitoring can save your project!

Construction Jobsite Safety and Security - construction workerIn construction, jobsite safety and security are paramount. Countless dollars can be lost due to unnecessary theft, accidents, and injuries. With today’s technologies in place, a jobsite can be monitored by our trained technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Centralized Vision, our trained staff can keep an eye on your investment no matter how remote the location or how harsh the climate may be.

Jobsite Security

Most jobsite theft happens at night or on the weekend when nobody is around. And more often than not, the thieves use equipment from the site to gain entry into storage buildings and containers. After most jobsite thefts, extra security officers are hired. But with our Live Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring, Centralized Vision’s technicians assess situations in real-time, utilize a situational-response handbook tailored to each individual client’s needs and can dispatch security or the police when necessary. Live, real-time video monitoring can make all the difference.

Recently, a construction site in Ohio was the victim of a smash and grab. The assailants drove their truck through the fence and were able to flee with thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment. But thanks to live monitored video surveillance, the technicians were able to notify the police right away. With the information provided by the video monitoring service, the police were not only able to apprehend the suspects, they also recovered all stolen items from the jobsite. With our two-way audio capabilities, our trained technicians can prevent most intrusions before they happen with a call out to the unwanted visitor.

Having our trained technicians monitoring the jobsite can help to prevent employee theft as well. Knowing that someone is watching is enough to deter most employees from stealing from the company. But others will still try to get away with it. Our video evidence, including a file consisting of recorded footage or still images of unauthorized actions on your property can be sent to you electronically and used for further investigations.

Jobsite Personnel Safety

Live video monitoring not only saves money by preventing theft, it also saves money by keeping your employees safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maintains and enforces standards concerning the safety and health of the employees on a jobsite. One of the requirements of OSHA is the installation and maintenance of the necessary technology to prevent accidents and injuries on the job. One important new piece of safety technology is a surveillance system with 24/7 live monitoring. Video monitoring can help with maintaining safety standards already in place and help to identify possible weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Surveillance cameras are a great way to enhance your current safety program. In addition to regular safety meetings and training, having trained technicians monitoring your jobsite will promote a safer work environment. Employees will not only work more safely in general, they will be more likely to follow safety procedures set forth by the company. Accidents and injuries can be minimized and even prevented with our live video monitoring service. In the case that an accident or emergency does occur, our technicians will dispatch emergency or rescue personnel to the site immediately, saving precious minutes and possibly lives.

Jobsite Safety

Our trained technicians can also help to maintain the safety of the jobsite itself. We can keep an eye on the power supply, environmental dangers, and safety hazards, and monitor developing situations in real-time. We can locate and inform personnel of safety hazards anywhere on the property.

A few months ago, a small fire started in an equipment shed of a large highway construction project in the Manhattan. The damage from a fire of this type could have been devastating. But, thanks to live video surveillance monitoring, the fire was noticed immediately and safety crews dispatched and were able to put the fire out before any major damage was done. This is just one story detailing how live video monitoring can be an enormous benefit to your company’s current safety plan. Live monitoring can also alert personnel of environmental hazards such as leaking equipment or storage containers as well as any flooding or electrical dangers.

Protecting the safety and security of your jobsite and personnel are just a few of the many services we perform while monitoring your property. With cameras and audio systems in place at your location, our technicians can help save your budget and your project. To learn more about how Centralized Vision’s monitoring services can help you, contact a Centralized Vision professional today.