Holiday Safety and Security – Protect Your Business this Holiday Season

Holiday Safety and Security Picture

With the holidays approaching everyone is so busy. Thieves are busy too, looking to profit from your losses. The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year! But with the pressure to buy gifts and increased financial need, even honest people do things they normally wouldn’t. With an increase in shopping, retail security is essential during the holidays. But crimes against businesses go up as well. Holiday Safety and Security is more important than ever.

Commercial Holiday Safety and Security –

Copper and other material theft increases dramatically during the holidays. Materials like copper and HVAC supplies are so easy for thieves to sell that they are always on the lookout for a potential target. An open gate, unguarded Holiday light display, or missing padlock is all the invitation criminals need to strike. With Centralized Vision on the job 24/7, you can be sure your materials will be safe. Our trained technicians will watch over every corner of your location and alert security personnel or law enforcement if needed. With added audio capabilities, our technicians can make a verbal callout to anyone not expected on the property and request a call to our office to verify their presence.

Most thieves tend to be opportunists. After-hours break-ins are a problem all year. The added stress of gift giving causes criminals to look for opportunities everywhere, and the rate of break-ins rise during the holidays. During just one after-hours job in Sydney, Australia, thieves were able to get away with over $90,000 worth of ham and bacon and they even left a note behind when they made their getaway that read: “Thanks – Merry Christmas”. On Prince Edward Island, criminals were able to gain access to a Christmas tree farm and steal half of the year’s trees without anyone knowing they were on the property. Don’t let this happen to your business, Contact Us today to find out how we can help protect what matters most.

Retail Holiday Safety and Security –

During the holidays retail stores are packed with customers, and safety and security are more important than ever. Unfortunately for retail locations, along with the increase in shoppers, comes an increase in crime. Shopping malls are the most vulnerable to many holiday crimes both inside the building and in the parking lot. Inside the building you have to look out for shoplifting, pickpockets, and store robberies both armed and unarmed. Stores also need to keep an eye on their employees to make sure that everyone has the company’s best interests in mind and not their own, as well as to make sure that complacency and laziness is not creating an atmosphere of waste and loss. During a recent smash and grab jewelry store robbery at a mall in California, thieves entered the mall with several large axes and sledgehammers and proceeded to smash the cases and make away with the jewels. Shoppers were frightened and the entire mall was put on lockdown by the police. With live monitored video surveillance, technicians could have notified the proper authorities of the suspicious behavior before the criminals actually entered the mall. Authorities could have caught the bad guys before they got away or even stopped the crime before it happened. Live Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring is an extremely powerful tool in the safety and security industry.


Holiday Fire Safety and Security –

The Holidays is such a festive time of the year. With parties and twinkling holiday lights, fire hazards increase dramatically. Restaurants and banquet halls are host to thousands of parties and get-togethers during the season and their kitchen staff can get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed staff can become tired and careless and carelessness can lead to accidents. Accidents in the kitchen can be dangerous and lead to fires. Nobody plans a fire at their Christmas party, but the dangers are real. In addition to kitchen dangers, the holidays biggest fire danger lies in the decorations and lights meant to add joy and happiness to the season. Unattended candles in a Menorah, short circuiting Christmas lights, or a dried out tree is all it takes to start a fire that can cause a tremendous amount of damage. With Centralized Vision’s team of trained technicians watching over your kitchen or holiday display, you can be sure to have a Happy New Year! Call us today to see how Centralized Vision make your season bright!