Caught on Live Video: Metal Thief


Trespassing is not a victimless crime, it very often leads to mischief or malice. It is very serious and must be dealt with accordingly. It can cost your business millions of dollars in damage and loss of property every year. With 24/7 live monitored video surveillance, your business won’t be a victim.

Metal Thief Caught

Every day criminals walk the streets looking for an opportunity to strike. They wait and they watch for any weakness or opportunity. Trespassing starts as soon as someone crosses your property line. But with our trained technicians monitoring your property, you can rest assured that you will not be victimized.

Recently, one of our technicians observed an unauthorized truck and trailer approaching a private area of a metal recycling plant. A man and a woman were then seen exiting the vehicle and looking over the railing of the shipping dock. The perpetrators then proceeded to jump the railing and disappear out of sight of the cameras. To read more of the story and how they were caught, click here.