Car Thieves Caught By Live Monitoring and Centralized Vision

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Every day you can turn on the television and see videos of criminals caught in the act. Whether you are watching your local news, or a show like The Hunt with John Walsh, there is no shortage of videos of people committing crimes. More often than not, the story is that the authorities need your help to identify the perpetrators or your help in tracking them down.

When you have your video surveillance system live monitored by a professional company like Centralized Vision, crime caught on camera stories have much happier endings such as “Caught By Live Monitoring!”

Live monitoring of your camera system allows you the ability to have eyes on your property 24 hours a day and the ability to prevent or stop crimes and other situations. You can learn all about how video surveillance monitoring systems work in this recent article.

Would-Be Thief Caught By Live Monitoring –

During a recent overnight shift, one of our technicians was alerted to a potential trespasser on the lot of an auto auction. After an extensive search of the property with the cameras, our tech witnessed an individual poking his head out of one of the cars on the lot. Our technician immediately contacted the police and informed them that he had an unauthorized individual on a secured site.

After speaking with the police and while waiting for them to arrive, our technician maintained his visual control of the property utilizing the security surveillance system. He noticed a gray car being driven on the lot as well as 3  individuals who exited the gray car and began sweeping the area. They were seen combing through the cars on the lot. The perpetrators continued looking through the vehicles until the police arrived.

Within two minutes of first observing the intruder, the police were dispatched to the scene; they arrived less than three minutes later. When the police did arrive on scene, they surrounded the business in force and began searching the property. The thieves dropped everything and began sprinting towards the back of the property.

The police gave chase to the suspects and requested permission from the property management to employ K-9 officers to assist with the chase. After receiving the required permission, K-9 officers were released and joined the search. The officers were ultimately able to capture at least one of the suspects involved.

Our trained technician was able to maintain visual control of the property while waiting for the police to arrive, all while maintaining his own personal safety.  Remote monitoring allows our technicians the ability to monitor any situation safely from our air conditioned control room. Whether it be harsh environmental conditions, hazardous industrial areas, or severe weather, we are able to maintain a 24/7 365 watch of your property to ensure its safety and security.

This is yet another story of how Live Video Monitoring works to take bad guys off the streets.