Earlier this week there was an attempted break-in at one of our many corporate buildings that we monitor. While doing a routine inspection of the property, a CV tech witnessed the attempt and notified Phoenix PD immediately. Upon arrival, police found the criminal inside the building and were able to apprehend the man just before employees started to arrive! The suspect is in police custody and has been charged! #AnotherCriminalOffTheStreets #NotOnOurWatch


Unsure about who is on your roof, tenants not communicating with you about scheduled rooftop services, copper theft an issue? CV’s INEXPENSIVE live rooftop monitoring platform is the answer.

On Oct 6th while monitoring one of the many rooftop systems overseen by CV, an alert was received at 1:45 am and cross checked. A CV tech observed a flashing light and the silhouette of an unauthorized suspect on the rooftop of a retail center. PD was dispatched, the suspect was confronted and detained. The suspect was said to be on the roof to steal copper coiling from the many AC units. This was until he was identified and arrested, another job well done by the team at CV.

By using cameras, audio speakers and object detection software no person goes unnoticed.

PMA Red Mnt 10.6.16

Tragedy Averted!

TRAGEDY AVERTED! Centralized Vision is not only focused on security but also the safety and well-being of individuals on the properties that we monitor. On 9/21 a CV technician noticed an elderly man had fallen out of his electric chair with no one around to assist him. By using quick thinking the CV tech assisted the elderly man by contacting the Phoenix Fire Dept. along with using the audio speaking ability on site to let him know help is on the way! The Fire Dept. arrived within 5 minutes and the man was helped back into his chair. Another great job by Centralized Vision!!!


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