Arrest Warranted!

Another arrest scored for Centralized Vision! This week, CV Specialists were treated to an incident of suspicious loitering in the rear area of a retail shopping center; two males were spotted, hiding behind a dumpster, up to no good! These shady characters ignored several minutes of audio voice-down before CV personnel dispatched Police. When officers arrived to confront the individuals, they found that one of the men had a warrant out for his arrest, taking him into custody immediately. Thanks to good surveillance and a quick response from Police, both suspicious men were removed from property, with at least one arrest warranted in this case.  #notonourwatch

This Is Not A Drill

After hours break-ins are a huge risk for all businesses, especially properties that are under renovation. Boarded up and closed for construction, this Arizona mall was targeted by well-prepared criminals who brought a full kit with them, including a power drill and even a tool belt! While nabbing these crooks ended up being a lot of fun, it’s just another day of crime fighting for Centralized Vision. Crime happens we stop it; you know the drill.  #notonourwatch