About CV

As a company that is grounded by the past and inspired by the future, Centralized Vision is committed to the needs of each and every client. Our surveillance safety and security services strive to put the human ahead of the machine. We could not keep our customers without abiding by these four principles.

Company Principles


Protecting a valuable asset is not an expensive investment. By using the latest in security technology from a centralized location, Centralized Vision provides affordable pricing options that fit into any company’s budget.

Customer Satisfaction:

Centralized Vision invests tremendous resources into building client relationships. By keeping an open line of communication with our customers, providing daily property reports and staying consistent, we will achieve year after year success.

Pro-Active Support:

Centralized Vision does not believe in being reactive. Our Specialists are visually monitoring our clients’ properties proactively and in real time and can deploy the appropriate resources to mitigate risk.


Centralized Vision offers the latest in monitoring technology, that interfaces with all brands of equipment and proprietary software.

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Our flexible services can provide an umbrella of safety for your organization. Learn more about surveillance security and get a free quote by giving us a call.

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