About Us

Backed by decades of experience in security services, Centralized Vision provides proactive protection of property and assets. Our 24/7, 365 central monitoring station uses remote systems to provide real-time response options.

Looking Back:

Centralized Vision was established in 2007 by Tami and Tom Vigilante. While serving as an Executive Vice President for Vigilante Security Services (VSS), Tom recognized that companies were making significant investments in surveillance camera systems, but they were not utilizing the camera systems effectively or at all.

This demonstrated the need for real-time camera monitoring. After a compatibility inspection of existing equipment, we concluded that the requirements necessary to begin remote monitoring were minimal and affordable. From this point all that was left to accomplish was establishing an internet connection into clients’ DVR systems. Once these simple steps were completed, Centralized Vision was able to provide real-time monitoring.

Moving Forward:

Since launching ten-plus years ago, CV has a 95% customer retention rate. Over the past two years, the company has experienced rapid growth. Today we provide LIVE National systems monitoring for a wide range of clientele by offering them access to our Virtual Suite of Services so they may choose the service that best fits their needs.

As technology evolves, so does CV. The evolution of technology allows CV to utilize it in ways never imagined. Our unique Virtual Suite of Services is proof that the sky’s the limit. Customizing our service affords our clients the opportunity to pick and choose which facets of our operation are best for their organization.

On the job 24/7, our Safety Certified Specialists are dedicated to ensuring people and environments are safe and secure. Our operations center now covers clients all over the country.

Helping You

What can CV do for you? Please call us to learn more about our wide array of flexible surveillance security services.

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