The Voice of Security

Audio voice-down can be a powerful tool for stopping mischief and mayhem on any property. In this instance, voice-down was exactly what the situation called for when a CV Surveillance Specialist spotted a thief breaking into vehicles overnight at this car dealership. As soon as our Specialist started to call out, the thief got going. It’s a tale as old as time: when criminals know they’re being watched, they don’t stick around. #notonourwatch

Fast Firefighting with Surveillance

“When structures catch fire outdoors, the situation can often go unnoticed until it becomes extremely dangerous. Hidden away from customer traffic and filled with flammable items, dumpsters are a frequent danger-point for many businesses.

CV Specialists carefully monitor outdoor structures and equipment, including dumpsters: when the trash started cooking in the rear of this shopping center, our Surveillance Specialist was able to direct fire fighters to the area to smother the blaze in less than 10 minutes! We’re happy to report that the dumpster is doing just fine, thanks to sharp eyes and a quick response.”

Stay on Top of Roof Activity

“Could you prowl around unnoticed on a rooftop? These guys thought they could, until a CV Surveillance Specialist caught the activity and called the police! Air conditioners and other types of rooftop equipment can be an easy payday for adventurous thieves. That’s why Centralized Vision utilizes a combination of cameras and motion sensors to catch any and all persons accessing rooftops. Whether it’s vandalism, theft, or unauthorized roof work, CV Specialists are on top of it.”

Closed Means Closed

“Some people just don’t take no for an answer, even when the mall is closed for renovation. But these weren’t bargain hunters breaking and entering into the mall after hours. Our Surveillance Specialist managed to spot the two intruders as they arrived on property, dispatching Police right away. Already caught in the act of breaking a window panel to enter the mall, the criminals decided to make a run for it when Police arrived. With the help of a Police helicopter and a K9 unit, these vandals were apprehended, placed in handcuffs, and taken away for prosecution. Hopefully they got the hint that the mall is closed.”



Water costs money and CV is happy to say we assisted with saving this community a lot of it, and prevented damage as well. CV made the recommendation that the community add a surveillance camera inside the pump room located within its resort style pool. Not only so we could stop would be thieves and vandals from damaging or removing items, but so we could ensure all was operating correctly. On this particular day, the operation took a turn for the worse. A pipe burst, and the quick actions our specialist took limited the amount of damage that would have occurred. Within an hour the problem was addressed, the community manager was thrilled and all was back to normal. #notonourwatch

Trespasser Arrested

A suspicious individual was seen in the early A.M. hours at one our many car dealerships that we monitor. The Surveillance Specialist used 1-way audio to notify the person that he was trespassing and police were on their way. Upon police arrival, the male fled the area and off camera view. In order to complete the investigation, the CV Specialist contacted the police dept to get an update and was told that the trespasser was arrested and taken to jail. Another bad guy off the streets! #notonourwatch

Armed and Dangerous

During a recent inspection at one of the many retail centers monitored by CV, within the U.S, a specialists noticed a suspicious individual on site. As he began emptying some contents from his back pack he was seen removing and holding a hand gun. An immediate audio call out was made in an attempt to stop the suspect from proceeding with his plan. After being ignored, PHX PD was dispatched. Suspect was on the move, PD arrived onsite and with the assistance of the specialist began their search. After a brief foot pursuit the suspect was apprehended. It is believed that CV stopped what would have been an armed robbery and maybe even something worse. #notonourwatch


Fire at Retail Shopping Center

While conducting LIVE monitoring at a retail shopping center, our Surveillance Specialist noticed Phoenix Fire Dept entering the property. It was at this time that smoke was observed coming from a dumpster on site that quickly erupted into fire. At that moment CV called PHX Fire to assist their efforts and direct them to the dumpster. CV received confirmation of the fire being contained to the dumpster and that no damage to the adjacent wall or nearby shopping center occurred. CV concluded an extensive video investigation and determined that there was no evidence of arson or criminal activity that may have started the fire from on site. It is believed that the cause of the fire came from the other side of the perimeter wall, which is now under investigation by P.D. Another great job of CV and PHX Fire Dept. working together to protect and serve! #NotOnOurWatch

CV expands its partnership with the Earnhardt Auto Centers!

Centralized Vision expands its partnership with the Earnhardt Auto Centers. CV has launched its Virtual Guard platform and will provide this dealership with LIVE security camera monitoring and audio voice down. Earnhardt Auto Centers has officially opened its newest auto dealership, Rodeo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) in Queen Creek, Arizona. This 40,600 square feet facility sits on at a 6.65 acre site between a breathtaking backdrop of the Superstition Mountains and San Tan Mountains. Rodeo Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CDJR) is the second Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram franchise within Earnhardt Auto Group’s stable of 22 dealerships and is the first and only new-car auto dealership in Queen Creek. #NotOnOurWatch

E. Auto Dealerships

CV begins monitoring services for the prestigious New Yor Life building!

Centralized Vision is poised to begin offering monitoring services for the prestigious New York Life building off Madison Ave in NYC. CV will be supporting the efforts of our partners at Climatec by providing services from our Virtual Engineering platform and managing various points of interest throughout the building and its energy systems and to ensure all systems are optimized and operating efficiently. Interested in learning more about how CV can manage your energy systems? #NotOnOurWatch


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