Armed and Dangerous

During a recent inspection at one of the many retail centers monitored by CV, within the U.S, a specialists noticed a suspicious individual on site. As he began emptying some contents from his back pack he was seen removing and holding a hand gun. An immediate audio call out was made in an attempt to stop the suspect from proceeding with his plan. After being ignored, PHX PD was dispatched. Suspect was on the move, PD arrived onsite and with the assistance of the specialist began their search. After a brief foot pursuit the suspect was apprehended. It is believed that CV stopped what would have been an armed robbery and maybe even something worse. #notonourwatch


Fire at Retail Shopping Center

While conducting LIVE monitoring at a retail shopping center, our Surveillance Specialist noticed Phoenix Fire Dept entering the property. It was at this time that smoke was observed coming from a dumpster on site that quickly erupted into fire. At that moment CV called PHX Fire to assist their efforts and direct them to the dumpster. CV received confirmation of the fire being contained to the dumpster and that no damage to the adjacent wall or nearby shopping center occurred. CV concluded an extensive video investigation and determined that there was no evidence of arson or criminal activity that may have started the fire from on site. It is believed that the cause of the fire came from the other side of the perimeter wall, which is now under investigation by P.D. Another great job of CV and PHX Fire Dept. working together to protect and serve! #NotOnOurWatch

CV expands its partnership with the Earnhardt Auto Centers!

Centralized Vision expands its partnership with the Earnhardt Auto Centers. CV has launched its Virtual Guard platform and will provide this dealership with LIVE security camera monitoring and audio voice down. Earnhardt Auto Centers has officially opened its newest auto dealership, Rodeo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) in Queen Creek, Arizona. This 40,600 square feet facility sits on at a 6.65 acre site between a breathtaking backdrop of the Superstition Mountains and San Tan Mountains. Rodeo Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CDJR) is the second Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram franchise within Earnhardt Auto Group’s stable of 22 dealerships and is the first and only new-car auto dealership in Queen Creek. #NotOnOurWatch

E. Auto Dealerships

CV begins monitoring services for the prestigious New Yor Life building!

Centralized Vision is poised to begin offering monitoring services for the prestigious New York Life building off Madison Ave in NYC. CV will be supporting the efforts of our partners at Climatec by providing services from our Virtual Engineering platform and managing various points of interest throughout the building and its energy systems and to ensure all systems are optimized and operating efficiently. Interested in learning more about how CV can manage your energy systems? #NotOnOurWatch


5 Police cars and 8 Police Officers respond to a Centralized Vision call for help

The homeless population in AZ is at an all-time high, sadly some homeless are just undergoing hard times and have no-where to go, however there are others that are selling illegal drugs, defecating on property, leaving behind trash and illegal paraphernalia and have criminal records or warrants. On this evening, a CV Specialist noticed a make shift camp behind a dumpster.  He proceeded to use 1-way audio to notify the individual that they were trespassing and to move on.  After no response, he contacted Phoenix PD and informed them of the situation.  Once PD arrived, Tasers drawn, the vagrant ran, and the officers gave chase. The suspect was caught, detained and arrested!  #NotOnOurWatch



It’s not always criminal acts that CV prevents!  When a CV Surveillance Specialist saw an elderly gentlemen laying helpless and in distress on the ground she immediately went into action.   By using one-way audio she was able to ask him if he needed help, she commanded him to give a thumbs up or down, up and she will call emergency responders.   Once she saw the thumbs up she immediately called 911, they arrived within 3 minutes and were able to get the man the help he needed! By this quick action from our Safety Certified Surveillance Specialist a man’s life was potentially saved!  #NotOnOurWatch

Full Moon

A man, whom we believe to be homeless, was seen dumpster diving behind a retail center we monitor in Phoenix equipped with multiple cameras and 1-way audio speaking #virtualguard.  Our Specialist observed him and called out asking him to get out of the dumpster and leave property immediately.  The male left, butt not before expressing himself to the camera and making his frustration known!  #NotOnOurWatch

So you think you can dance?

Vagrants tend to do some odd things while loitering on properties, this guy just needed to dance, our Surveillance Specialist hated to ruin his fun but had to follow customer protocol and called PD to have him removed from the property!  #NotOnOurWatch  #FunPolice

Vehicle Stripped

Oftentimes afterhours trespassing happens, and you never even know it’s occurring. Trespassers like to find hiding places and, in this case, did so in an underground parking garage to strip parts off a stolen vehicle. Little did they know we were watching and had already dispatched PD. This video demonstrates the power of live monitoring and why our customers value our service!  #Arrest #NotOnOurWatch

Virtual Guard

One of the many services CV offers is Virtual Guard.  Apartment and condo communities alike use this service in order to maintain a safe environment.  Whether it’s the pool and enforcing safety and closure times, monitoring club house usage and preventing vandalism, or controlling who goes through the entry gates, CV is always watching. Our Specialists had a recent encounter with rather odd behavior last week. 3 teenage females were observed being disruptive in a club house after hours. They were seen climbing on furniture and vandalizing the community pool table. We immediately took action and dispatched security.  Due to our quick response, the females were addressed, warned and were escorted off the premises. As a result no damage was done to property! #NotOnOurWatch

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