Auto Dealerships

Protect Your Auto Dealership with the Proactive LIVE Monitoring

When it comes to safeguarding your auto dealership, there’s simply no room for compromise. Outdoor, exposed inventory, glass showrooms, service departments, after hours deliveries…These are just a few reasons auto dealerships are at risk for various security threats with car theft the No. 1 concern, especially during non-business hours.

Since Centralized Vision’s founding in 2007, auto dealerships were among the first customers to implement Virtual Guard, leveraging their existing surveillance systems; so, you could say we’ve honed built-in redundancies over the years to secure your vulnerable environment. This includes Certified Surveillance Specialists dedicated to dealerships.

Proactive protocols for Surveillance Specialists, coupled with advanced technology, include:

  • Hourly inspections of all internal and external cameras
  • Assessments during each inspection to assess people on the property, security gates, lighting, camera quality, etc.
  • AI-powered motion detection capabilities
  • Audio speakers installed for use when necessary to address suspicious persons
  • After hours deliveries are watched according to a dealership’s after-hours parts and vehicle delivery schedules, using audio to advise they’re being monitored, and
  • System or camera outage protocols for troubleshooting and escalating the outage as necessary.

Secure Your Dealership

Don’t leave the security of your auto dealership to chance. For more information on the essentials of real-time, remote monitoring for your dealership, contact us.