Cannabis Retail & Cultivation

Protect Your Thriving Cannabis Business with Proactive, LIVE Monitoring

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace, the need for robust security measures is increasingly important. The safety and security of cannabis retail and cultivation operations—as well as the responsibility of cannabis business owners to comply with stringent regulations governing the security of their operations—requires an intricate approach for the safety of the business, its employees and the surrounding community.

Investing in live monitoring of surveillance systems is critical for long-term success and sustainability of cannabis operations. Centralized Vision understands this inside and out:

On the outside of the premises for retail operations, Virtual Guard keeps proactive watch
24/7/365. On the inside in the grow room, Virtual Engineer proactively monitors the
building systems that cultivate product, from temperature and humidity to lighting and watering systems.

Services available to monitor cannabis retail and cultivation operations including the following:

  • Ongoing system health checks ensures all cameras and other devices are connected and online.
  • Exterior storage containers and trash dumpster monitoring safeguards those areas where suspicious or unauthorized activity can happen.
  • Roof access monitoring ensures no one is seen accessing the roof except those authorized.
  • Burglar alarm involvement. In the event an alarm is tripped, Centralized Vision works with the business’s alarm monitoring company.
  • Visual Escort and Scout Ahead. Centralized Vision’s Surveillance Specialists are available for cannabis business staff, working round-the-clock shifts, to request to be escorted while walking to and from their destinations. With Scout Ahead, specialists are available for staff members to request an “all clear” to their destinations prior to departure.
  • Camera motion activation monitoring safeguards doors/doorways that lead in and out of grow areas.
  • Audio talk down and communication can accompany surveillance cameras on the premises, serving as a deterrent in the event of suspicious activity to let bad actors know, “This location is under LIVE video surveillance.”
  • Grow/flower room lighting inspection. With Virtual Engineer, areas susceptible to flooding are monitored with close attention to malfunctioning or damaged mechanisms,
    e.g., lighting due to power surges.
  • Card access monitoring ensures persons seen approaching and/or entering have authorized, key card access and are assisted or challenged accordingly. Surveillance Specialists can control doors remotely if necessary.

Secure Your Cannabis Operation

Gain peace of mind with proactive, live monitoring of your cannabis operation from the inside out. For more information on what Virtual Guard and Virtual Engineer can do to safeguard your thriving business, Contact Us today.