Card Access with Database Management

As a business owner, you want to control who enters your business. Even on work days, card access can simplify entry via gates or doors. During evenings, nights or weekends, card access guarantees that the right employees can get to their jobs.

Centralized Vision is ready to assist you. Our advanced systems and well-trained, safety-certified surveillance personnel will maintain a database, create and cancel cards, and submit reports.

Card Security

CV creates access cards/fobs from our command center, providing a secure method for card creation. This relieves your staff of security responsibilities while making cards available as needed for new staff. It also ensures that lost cards are canceled when new cards are issued. At your request, our system can cancel cards that belong to terminated employees.

Database Management and Report Creation

CV manages users in a database and can deactivate or activate user access privileges. With each employee assigned a specific card, it is simple to monitor that card’s use. The system keeps track of arrivals, allowing management to know who is there after hours or on weekends. This acts as a deterrent to employee-related theft, vandalism or crime. Regular reports aid security planning, security review, and employee management.

Why not put Centralized Vision in charge of access control? We’ll help you maintain access without risking security. Call for a consultation.