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Acutus Medical HVAC Energy Management

Centralized Vision was recently implemented and is proud to provide HVAC Energy Management Monitoring for Acutus Medical located in San Diego CA. Our technical operators are monitoring the Acutus HVAC systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are dedicated to ensuring the HVAC systems are running efficiently and without issue. Losing HVAC and other vital systems can be costly for any company, but for a medical specialty company like Acutus, it can be devastating. This facility cannot afford to experience any level of failure as it relates to this environments climate and we are proud to be entrusted to manage this on their behalf.

Acutus Medical –HVAC Energy Management

Acutus Medical is a team of dedicated medical scientists, biomedical engineers, and other professionals focused on the development of medical technologies that will revolutionize the treatment strategies of patients with complex cardiac arrhythmia’s. This condition affects almost 2% of the general population. Acutus is committed to pioneering a breakthrough technology by developing innovative, safe, efficacious, and cost-effective solutions for individuals suffering from these arrhythmia’s. Their practice relies on knowing that their equipment will be functioning at optimal levels at all times. Having Centralized Vision on their team ensures their equipment is always ready.

Located in San Diego, California, the company was founded in 2011 by a creative Theoretical Physicist, an Electrophysiologist and a San Diego entrepreneur around the concept of a new breakthrough technology in electrophysiology.


Holiday Safety and Security – Protect Your Business this Holiday Season

Holiday Safety and Security Picture

With the holidays approaching everyone is so busy. Thieves are busy too, looking to profit from your losses. The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year! But with the pressure to buy gifts and increased financial need, even honest people do things they normally wouldn’t. With an increase in shopping, retail security is essential during the holidays. But crimes against businesses go up as well. Holiday Safety and Security is more important than ever.

Commercial Holiday Safety and Security –

Copper and other material theft increases dramatically during the holidays. Materials like copper and HVAC supplies are so easy for thieves to sell that they are always on the lookout for a potential target. An open gate, unguarded Holiday light display, or missing padlock is all the invitation criminals need to strike. With Centralized Vision on the job 24/7, you can be sure your materials will be safe. Our trained technicians will watch over every corner of your location and alert security personnel or law enforcement if needed. With added audio capabilities, our technicians can make a verbal callout to anyone not expected on the property and request a call to our office to verify their presence.

Most thieves tend to be opportunists. After-hours break-ins are a problem all year. The added stress of gift giving causes criminals to look for opportunities everywhere, and the rate of break-ins rise during the holidays. During just one after-hours job in Sydney, Australia, thieves were able to get away with over $90,000 worth of ham and bacon and they even left a note behind when they made their getaway that read: “Thanks – Merry Christmas”. On Prince Edward Island, criminals were able to gain access to a Christmas tree farm and steal half of the year’s trees without anyone knowing they were on the property. Don’t let this happen to your business, Contact Us today to find out how we can help protect what matters most.

Retail Holiday Safety and Security –

During the holidays retail stores are packed with customers, and safety and security are more important than ever. Unfortunately for retail locations, along with the increase in shoppers, comes an increase in crime. Shopping malls are the most vulnerable to many holiday crimes both inside the building and in the parking lot. Inside the building you have to look out for shoplifting, pickpockets, and store robberies both armed and unarmed. Stores also need to keep an eye on their employees to make sure that everyone has the company’s best interests in mind and not their own, as well as to make sure that complacency and laziness is not creating an atmosphere of waste and loss. During a recent smash and grab jewelry store robbery at a mall in California, thieves entered the mall with several large axes and sledgehammers and proceeded to smash the cases and make away with the jewels. Shoppers were frightened and the entire mall was put on lockdown by the police. With live monitored video surveillance, technicians could have notified the proper authorities of the suspicious behavior before the criminals actually entered the mall. Authorities could have caught the bad guys before they got away or even stopped the crime before it happened. Live Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring is an extremely powerful tool in the safety and security industry.


Holiday Fire Safety and Security –

The Holidays is such a festive time of the year. With parties and twinkling holiday lights, fire hazards increase dramatically. Restaurants and banquet halls are host to thousands of parties and get-togethers during the season and their kitchen staff can get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed staff can become tired and careless and carelessness can lead to accidents. Accidents in the kitchen can be dangerous and lead to fires. Nobody plans a fire at their Christmas party, but the dangers are real. In addition to kitchen dangers, the holidays biggest fire danger lies in the decorations and lights meant to add joy and happiness to the season. Unattended candles in a Menorah, short circuiting Christmas lights, or a dried out tree is all it takes to start a fire that can cause a tremendous amount of damage. With Centralized Vision’s team of trained technicians watching over your kitchen or holiday display, you can be sure to have a Happy New Year! Call us today to see how Centralized Vision make your season bright!

Construction Jobsite Safety and Security – How real-time monitoring can save your project!

Construction Jobsite Safety and Security - construction workerIn construction, jobsite safety and security are paramount. Countless dollars can be lost due to unnecessary theft, accidents, and injuries. With today’s technologies in place, a jobsite can be monitored by our trained technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Centralized Vision, our trained staff can keep an eye on your investment no matter how remote the location or how harsh the climate may be.

Jobsite Security

Most jobsite theft happens at night or on the weekend when nobody is around. And more often than not, the thieves use equipment from the site to gain entry into storage buildings and containers. After most jobsite thefts, extra security officers are hired. But with our Live Video Surveillance Camera Monitoring, Centralized Vision’s technicians assess situations in real-time, utilize a situational-response handbook tailored to each individual client’s needs and can dispatch security or the police when necessary. Live, real-time video monitoring can make all the difference.

Recently, a construction site in Ohio was the victim of a smash and grab. The assailants drove their truck through the fence and were able to flee with thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment. But thanks to live monitored video surveillance, the technicians were able to notify the police right away. With the information provided by the video monitoring service, the police were not only able to apprehend the suspects, they also recovered all stolen items from the jobsite. With our two-way audio capabilities, our trained technicians can prevent most intrusions before they happen with a call out to the unwanted visitor.

Having our trained technicians monitoring the jobsite can help to prevent employee theft as well. Knowing that someone is watching is enough to deter most employees from stealing from the company. But others will still try to get away with it. Our video evidence, including a file consisting of recorded footage or still images of unauthorized actions on your property can be sent to you electronically and used for further investigations.

Jobsite Personnel Safety

Live video monitoring not only saves money by preventing theft, it also saves money by keeping your employees safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maintains and enforces standards concerning the safety and health of the employees on a jobsite. One of the requirements of OSHA is the installation and maintenance of the necessary technology to prevent accidents and injuries on the job. One important new piece of safety technology is a surveillance system with 24/7 live monitoring. Video monitoring can help with maintaining safety standards already in place and help to identify possible weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Surveillance cameras are a great way to enhance your current safety program. In addition to regular safety meetings and training, having trained technicians monitoring your jobsite will promote a safer work environment. Employees will not only work more safely in general, they will be more likely to follow safety procedures set forth by the company. Accidents and injuries can be minimized and even prevented with our live video monitoring service. In the case that an accident or emergency does occur, our technicians will dispatch emergency or rescue personnel to the site immediately, saving precious minutes and possibly lives.

Jobsite Safety

Our trained technicians can also help to maintain the safety of the jobsite itself. We can keep an eye on the power supply, environmental dangers, and safety hazards, and monitor developing situations in real-time. We can locate and inform personnel of safety hazards anywhere on the property.

A few months ago, a small fire started in an equipment shed of a large highway construction project in the Manhattan. The damage from a fire of this type could have been devastating. But, thanks to live video surveillance monitoring, the fire was noticed immediately and safety crews dispatched and were able to put the fire out before any major damage was done. This is just one story detailing how live video monitoring can be an enormous benefit to your company’s current safety plan. Live monitoring can also alert personnel of environmental hazards such as leaking equipment or storage containers as well as any flooding or electrical dangers.

Protecting the safety and security of your jobsite and personnel are just a few of the many services we perform while monitoring your property. With cameras and audio systems in place at your location, our technicians can help save your budget and your project. To learn more about how Centralized Vision’s monitoring services can help you, contact a Centralized Vision professional today.



Vendor non-compliance is no match for Virtual Guard

Image-VIt’s a movie cliché at this point – a character gets access to a property posing as an electrician/plumber/repairman and is granted access because they look like who they say they are. Maybe it doesn’t happen in real life as often as it does on the big screen, but that doesn’t mean that every occurrence shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Rarely do service vendors inform property managers and our monitoring company when they are arriving to perform work. When a vendor arrives unexpectedly on a property that we monitor, Centralized Vision technicians considers this person a threat until determined otherwise, especially when occurring during the middle of the night.

CV-electrician2However, rather than call police immediately, we perform an audio callout to address the suspect in question, vocally commanding him to call our center to identify himself. We call this Virtual Guard. This allows us to avoid unnecessary police dispatches while still maintaining the highest level of vigilance concerning the property’s security.

CV-electrician1For example, we had a recent case at a Phoenix-based retail center where we observed a person in an area that is off limits. Our center had not been made aware of any work to be performed, so we reacted. After receiving no response to our initial audio call out, we called out again to inform him that this was his final warning and that police would be dispatched unless a call was received from him stating the nature of his business. No more than a few seconds passed by before we received his call. He announced himself as an after-hours electrician who was on site to address a problem. Our CV techs cross-checked him against the property’s vendor database and allowed him to remain to perform the needed work on site.

Holding vendors accountable to a higher standard is just one of the many functions we perform while monitoring a property. After this experience, we believe that this vendor is going to think twice the next time he needs to perform any work at that property and will first call our center to announce himself.

Extend the life of your monitoring equipment

slider1With fall fast approaching, now’s a good time to start thinking about your annual camera equipment tune-up. Taking care of your system is like maintenance on your vehicle – if you take the time and effort to maintain your system, the longevity will be extended.

Some things to typically address include:

  • Cleaning lenses/domes
  • Checking system power supplies to ensure they are strong
  • Ensuring that exposed camera cable lines aren’t damaged by sun or other exposure to the elements
  • Verifying viewing images aren’t blurry, and are free from wavy lines
  • Checking that cameras are working and recording properly

Where we’re headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re ending our monsoon season, so now’s the time to start thinking about the damage that the wind, rain, and dust may have done to the camera equipment at your properties.

Keeping the lenses and domes clean should be a top priority, since a clean, crisp view from the camera to assess the condition of your environment is ideal for our technicians (or whomever is monitoring through your equipment) to successfully watch over your property.

This maintenance is especially important if you have an unmonitored camera system that isn’t checked/used regularly by a live person since damage that affects performance can go unnoticed for weeks, or even months, and you could find yourself unexpectedly without footage at a time when you need it most.

If you want to make sure your camera equipment is checked but have no idea where to begin and would like some assistance with this maintenance, we’re happy to assist. Although we are not an equipment company, we will gladly recommend a company to you who can perform this maintenance.

Keep your eye on the ball

DSC_0613 At Centralized Vision, we keep an eye on what matters most – and that often includes not only important physical assets like buildings, but the people who work in them as well. Looking out for the physical safety of your people is critical. So is looking out for the relationship your team has as a group.

That’s why team building is an important part of any company, which is what prompted us to take our team out to the ballgame this week. We rented a suite at Chase Field, complete with food and drinks, and we all hung out and had a great time watching the Arizona Diamondbacks play. Here are a few of the photos we took:

DSC_0606 DSC_0609 DSC_0610DSC_0619



Centralized Vision specializes in V.I.A.A.S. (Video monitoring, Intrusion detection, Access control, Audio communication, Surveillance). Contact a Centralized Vision professional to discuss our solutions in more detail.



Police officer shortage presents a challenge – and an opportunity – for businesses

centralizedvision-10Police departments across the nation are having difficulty filling positions, with applications down as much as 90% over what was typical 10 years ago. The Phoenix Police Department has only recently begun taking new applicants again after a 6-year hiring freeze brought on by the recession.

And if it is hard for police departments to fill positions, it is even harder for companies hoping to hire off-duty police officers to act as on-site security. While this can present a challenge to companies in need of quality security for their property, it also presents an opportunity to save money by switching to 24/7/365 remote monitoring.

Centralized Vision’s safety-certified technicians are on duty around the clock and are available as an alternative. They monitor the property via security cameras and, with the right equipment at the property, can use audio speakers to address people on site and control access to secure areas. If there’s ever a need for an on-site presence, say due to a suspicious person on the property, our proactive technicians call the local police immediately to resolve the situation. Historically when P.D. is dispatched by our techs their response time is less than 8 minutes.

To learn more about how Centralized Vision’s monitoring services, contact a Centralized Vision professional today.


Drug deal thwarted by Centralized Vision and Phoenix Police

WestHighland-screenshot-2015-08-26At 7:17pm on Friday, August 21, a Centralized Vision technician observed two individuals acting suspiciously behind a dumpster at the back of a client’s building. He immediately notified Phoenix Police, who arrived on the scene to discover that one of the suspects was attempting to sell drugs to the other individual.

When the police officers first arrived at the scene, the CV tech observed that the first suspect had hid behind a bush, and he let the officers on site know where to look to locate him. The CV tech also informed the police that he had seen the suspect hiding something behind the bush. The officers searched the bush and found drugs and a gun.

The suspect was arrested and taken into custody. That’s one more criminal off the streets!

Click here to view the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmEXvoN07LE


What is the “bad guy network” saying about your site?

WaypointWord travels fast, especially amongst those in the criminal community looking for targets for their next theft or vandalism spree.

Construction sites are generally considered easy pickings because they’re often accessible with little or no resistance. That changes when Centralized Vision is monitoring the site.

We were recently hired to perform phase I security monitoring for a prestigious commercial construction project in Mesa. Using a unique, cutting-edge camera system installed by one of our premier partners, CV uses video analytics and audio speaking capabilities to view and verbally address all persons entering the job site during non-working hours.

One audio call-out to a suspicious person has an immediate impact and travels through what we call the “bad guy network,” and once word gets out on the network that CV techs are watching, trespassing ceases to occur.

Who do you call when you’re in trouble in a parking garage?

Chicago-parking-garageYou’ve seen the emergency call boxes with the blue lights in parking lots and garages, but have you ever wondered who answers if you call? In the case of a prestigious parking garage in the heart of Chicago, you’ll be connected with a Centralized Vision operator.

In the event of an emergency or parking equipment malfunction, a guest of the garage may use one of the many call boxes located throughout the garage to call a CV operator and ask for their assistance. Since all CV operators are Safety Certified, they’re equipped with the knowledge needed to assist a caller in the event of an emergency situation. They will also have access to all 12 of the high-resolution cameras located throughout the garage in order to obtain a visual of the caller and any assailant nearby.

CV operators can also assist a caller with any garage equipment problem such as a gate arm malfunction, a ticket jam, or a payment transaction failure.

As security technology is deployed in more garages like this, our emergency call box greeter assist program with customized levels of monitoring gives garage owners a simple solution to ensure the safety and peace of mind of their customers.

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