Peace of mind – and body – for those who work late

Camera3Now that the days are getting shorter, it is often dark when employees leave work. Those who work late into the night are usually unaware of the elements surrounding them while they prepare to leave from their place of work.

Centralized Vision offers a specialized service that allows employees or tenants to contact a CV Safety Certified Operating Technician and ask them to either scout ahead the path to their vehicle or watch over them while they walk to it.

In the event someone is seen lurking in the shadows, they can be challenged vocally through our audio speakers. If the safety of the person being escorted is compromised, a call to local authorities is placed and audio is used to make our presence known. These deterrents (video and audio) are powerful reminders that we are watching and are prepared to act in a moment’s notice.

The visual scout ahead and visual escort services are available at any location we monitor; contact your CV representative to learn more about the service.

CV awarded Access Control contract

MLK_Ambulatory_Care_CenterCentralized Vision has been awarded the Access Control contract for The Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center in Willowbrook, California.

Although live video monitoring is the core of our business model, being able to offer customers only access control, when required, allows our company to provide customized solutions that fit the client’s needs.

Our Operating Technicians are now managing access to and from entry points throughout MLK Care Center’s facility, providing a safer environment for patients, visitors and employees.

Criminals need money for the holidays too

slider1The biggest shopping season of the year is almost upon us, and that means increased levels of crime. There’s greater opportunities for thieves, such as parking lots full of cars loaded with gifts. And the stress of lack of money for holiday gifts can lead to higher property crimes ranging from petty theft to the much more extreme copper theft.

Trespassing also becomes a greater issue. As the weather gets colder, vagrants try and find warmth in parking structures. Panhandling in parking lots becomes more common, especially in retail shopping center environments. With this increased activity, the opportunity for these trespassers to commit crimes does too.

Centralized Vision’s V.I.A.A.S. model (Video monitoring, Intrusion detection, Access control, Audio communication, Surveillance) allows us to dissuade vagrants and trespassers from loitering and panhandling on site by keeping a watchful eye on property. By utilizing audio speakers, we are able to speak out to trespassers to make our presence known and to ask that they leave the property. In the event we are ignored, we dispatch security or the police.

Contact a Centralized Vision professional to discuss our solution in more detail.

Centralized Vision Partners with NRG

You’ve seen solar panels popping up everywhere – on top of parking structures, homes, office buildings, and even expanses of “solar farms” out in the desert. Businesses make a significant investment in this high-tech equipment, and that can be a draw for theft and vandalism.

NRGimage005That’s why solar power developer NRG has contracted Centralized Vision to supply security monitoring from our Central Station to their solar farm projects through the Western United States.

We provide NRG with real-time video monitoring via state-of-the art security cameras that include thermal heat recognition and analytics. Additionally, NRG utilizes our audio two-way communication service, perimeter fence alarm detection service, and access control service.


Suspect Pleads Guilty to Theft Called in by Centralized Vision Technician

Infiniti-dealership-break-inIn December 2012, Centralized Vision technician Adrian Candelaria noticed suspicious activity after seeing two trespassers on camera at the vacant Infiniti of Scottsdale dealership the company monitors. Candelaria was scheduled to testify in the case this past week, then received word that the defendant, David P. O’Daniel, accepted a plea bargain and will serve 5 years in prison for the theft.

Click here to view the video of the thieves in action and the police arriving on scene.

Welcome Jason Alofs to the Centralized Vision team

Jason_AlofsThe Centralized Vision team is proud to welcome Jason Alofs as a Business Account Manager. Although new to the CV team, Jason has a long record of sales excellence, consistently receiving recognition as a Top Performer in sales and management of fitness facilities and gyms.

Jason grew up in Columbia, Maryland and was very active in sports, starting hockey at the early age of 9. He played lacrosse at his high school in Salem, New Hampshire, and received a scholarship to Franklin Pierce University. He studied business management his freshman year of college, but soon came to realize that sitting in a classroom would not allow him to be who he wanted to be.

Jason left school to pursue a career in fitness, and discovered that his sales skills were second nature and quickly went on to excel as a top performer. Because he is always seeking to challenge himself even further, Jason was looking for new opportunities when he met Tom and Tami Vigilante. Excited about the growing need and potential for security and video surveillance, he decided to join the team at Centralized Vision.

Virtual Guard Service Now Available Through Partnership with Benson Systems

By Tom Vigilante, Jr.

Centralized Vision is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Benson Systems to offer our Virtual Guard monitoring service for commercial property managers, management companies and other businesses.

Virtual Guard is a pro-active video managed service available through a building’s security camera system equipped with access control and a speaker and microphone system. The service allows Centralized Vision’s well-trained security technicians to monitor any company’s video camera, access control and audio speaker system remotely through a high-speed Internet connection at all hours of the day.

When an incident occurs on a site that is a participating in our Virtual Guard program, the Centralized Vision security techs are alerted. They quickly respond to the alert by using the security camera system equipped with a loud speaker to engage the suspect and move him off the property. The security techs can also contact local law enforcement authorities immediately if they deem the situation warrants attention.

Centralized Vision and Benson Systems are excited to offer this service to Class A building property managers and retail businesses because it greatly reduces ongoing security expenses while also providing a service that is more beneficial than an onsite guard or roving patrol service. Our combined services are already in place at the Stockyards Restaurant and surrounding office complexes in Phoenix and at the 60,000-square-foot Biltmore Circle office building in Central Phoenix.

Benson Systems, whose mission is to be a trusted single-source provider of vital facilities services, system integration and installation, does a great job in taking care of security system, security camera and card access needs for companies throughout Arizona. Now with Centralized Vision’s innovative security platform, both companies can provide pro-active protection of property and assets by using a remote-camera monitoring system with real-time response options.

Centralized Vision Partners with Climatec to Provide Video Managed Services at UltraStar Multi-Tainment Center at Ak-Chin Circle

By Tom Vigilante, Jr.

The new UltraStar Multi-Tainment Center at Ak-Chin Circle in Maricopa, Arizona provides many options for families wanting to experience a variety of entertainment options under one roof. The 165,000-square-foot facility features three dining options, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, an amphitheater and a 12-theater movie complex.

To ensure a family-safe environment throughout the facility, Centralized Vision partnered with Climatec to secure a contract with UltraStar Multi-Tainment Center and provide video managed services by monitoring more than 90 security cameras on the property. Centralized Vision currently does video monitor tours of the facility at various times throughout the day from its off-site location and can provide real-time notifications of any disturbances on the property.

The UltraStar Multi-Tainment Center at Ak-Chin Circle is our first collaborative partnership with Climatec, which now allows us to provide remote managed services with a well-respected company on a national stage. Since 1975, Climatec has been a leading provider of advanced building technologies for a wide variety of industries and buildings. Their broad set of offerings allows them to be a single source integrator of critical building systems. They provide safer, more comfortable and more efficient building environments.

Climatec was interested in partnering with Centralized Vision due to increased demand from their current and potential clients requesting video managed services. Some potential customers were reluctant to invest in new technology products from Climatec without having the internal personnel to utilize them to their fullest extent. Centralized Vision eliminates this concern by providing dedicated personnel, also known as Operating Technicians, for Climatec to offer their current and new clients, thus creating a complete service offering to include a variety of remote managed service options.

Our partnership with Climatec will allow us to potentially receive exponential growth throughout the country, exposure to cutting-edge technology and possible access into theme parks, hospitals, schools and sporting venues.

We are fortunate to be aligned with a well-respected company like Climatec. However, the big winners are the numerous people that will experience a safe and secure environment when visiting any of the properties we are collaboratively providing video managed services at.

Centralized Vision Offers Pro-Active Video Managed Services at Iconic Class A Facility in Tempe

By Tom Vigilante, Jr.

You may have heard the recent news coverage about the 2 million-square-foot Marina Heights office development just north of Sun Devil Stadium on the banks of Tempe Town Lake that will house State Farm’s regional headquarters.

Construction started this month on the Class A office space that will also include a minimum of 40,000 square feet of service retail and 8,500 parking stalls. Marina Heights’ first building is scheduled to be occupied by mid 2015, and the entire project is projected to be completed in 2017.

Just west of Marina Heights is Hayden Ferry Lakeside, a master-planned mixed-use project on 43 acres that created the blueprint for development along the south shore of Tempe Town Lake and downtown Tempe. Hayden Ferry Lakeside has been an iconic staple of economic development in Tempe for more than 10 years.

Centralized Vision has provided video managed services at Hayden Ferry Lakeside over the past two years through a contract with the property’s owner, Parkway Realty Services, to ensure safety throughout the development. We monitor a combination of 30 fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras throughout the property’s two office towers and eight-level parking garage, including elevators in the parking garage. Additionally, we also monitor the grounds surrounding Hayden Ferry Lakeside, including retail space and the newly-constructed fitness center, to help prevent trespassers, car theft, misuse of elevators and unauthorized after hours lobby access.

Centralized Vision offers Hayden Ferry Lakeside the ability to make their security cameras pro-active. By having our techs actively engaging their environments through their camera systems, we can fulfill any desire they may task us with at any time of the day. We also provide Hayden Ferry Lakeside the luxury of our Virtual Guard services, which are also used at other Class A properties we monitor. Our Virtual Guard services include one or two-way audio speaker communication, gate access control and greeter services conducted through two-way phone lines and call boxes. Virtual Guard also is used to visually escort employees from their offices to the parking garage safely in after hours situations.

As developments like Hayden Ferry Lakeside and Marina Heights consume more square footage and drive additional consumer traffic to their sites, it is important that they consider cost-effective solutions like Centralized Vision to ensure safe and secure business and retail environments.

Peoria Police Department Offers Tips to Business Owners to Avoid Robberies

By Tami Vigilante

The Peoria Police Department recently distributed pertinent information to business owners to help discourage crime at local businesses throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. While the police department cannot prescribe a potion or cure-all to rid a business of robbers, there are ways to discourage them and to minimize the chances of violence through sound business practices and proper employee training. The tips below outline some basic robbery deterrents that can be practiced as a minimum line of defense.

• Stay alert! Know who is in your business and where they are.
• Also, be aware of suspicious activity outside your place of business.
• Don’t be afraid to call the police if you see something suspicious.
• Try to greet customers as they enter your business. Your attention can discourage a robber.
• Never block the view into your business by crowding windows with signs or merchandise.
• Use low display counters and cases to maintain visibility from both inside and outside the business.
• Keep all entrances, exits, and parking areas well lighted.
• Keep cash in registers to a minimum. Place large bills and excess money in a safe as soon as possible.
• Make frequent cash drops.
• Keep your safe locked at all times.
• Use two or more persons to open and/or close the business. There is better safety in numbers.

For additional crime prevention tips or to become a certified crime shield property, go to

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