SMOKING Trespasser

Having cameras and LIVE 1-way audio is a sure way to get trespassers to leave the property! Watch this upset trespasser as he was being told to leave using LIVE 1-way audio! #NotOnOurWatch

Cops nab copper thief, thanks to CV monitoring

Retail shopping centers are especially busy this time of year, but the customers entering through the front doors aren’t the only people shopping for something shiny this holiday season.

On December 13, 2014, at approximately 8:20 p.m., a Centralized Vision Operating Tech observed two suspicious males arrive on bikes at a retail shopping center in Phoenix, AZ. The men proceeded to the rear of the center and approached several secure boxes containing copper wiring and attempted to open them. The CV tech notified the authorities and Phoenix Police was dispatched to investigate. The officers arrived and located the two trespassers hiding behind a block wall. One suspect was immediately arrested.

And that’s one less Grinch roaming the streets.


A Surveillance Specialist at CV was able to prevent a federal offense from occurring by stopping two females trying to break-in to residential community mailboxes. Mailboxes are vulnerable to vandalism because they are usually isolated, located on public thoroughfares, and frequently not visible to the box owners from their homes. CV at it again……#NotOnOurWatch

Captured: Metal Thief by Centralized Vision January 2016

Trespassing costs businesses millions of dollars a year. That’s why, when one of our trained technicians noticed a male and female jumping the railing of a secured location from the shipping dock camera, we immediately contacted the Police to have an officer respond to the location.

During our conversation with the police, we noticed the thieves’ vehicle driving away. We informed the Dispatcher that the truck drove away on the Southwest Perimeter camera. The police were able to stop the vehicle just a short distance from the location.

Due to the quick work of our technician, the police were able to apprehend the suspect.

That is one more bad guy off the streets!

Centralized Vision specializes in V.I.A.A.S. (Video monitoring, Intrusion detection, Access control, Audio communication, Surveillance). Contact a Centralized Vision professional to discuss our solutions in more detail.


Water costs money and CV is happy to say we assisted with saving this community a lot of it, and prevented damage as well. CV made the recommendation that the community add a surveillance camera inside the pump room located within its resort style pool. Not only so we could stop would be thieves and vandals from damaging or removing items, but so we could ensure all was operating correctly. On this particular day, the operation took a turn for the worse. A pipe burst, and the quick actions our specialist took limited the amount of damage that would have occurred. Within an hour the problem was addressed, the community manager was thrilled and all was back to normal. #notonourwatch

Trespasser Arrested

A suspicious individual was seen in the early A.M. hours at one our many car dealerships that we monitor. The Surveillance Specialist used 1-way audio to notify the person that he was trespassing and police were on their way. Upon police arrival, the male fled the area and off camera view. In order to complete the investigation, the CV Specialist contacted the police dept to get an update and was told that the trespasser was arrested and taken to jail. Another bad guy off the streets! #notonourwatch

Armed and Dangerous

During a recent inspection at one of the many retail centers monitored by CV, within the U.S, a specialists noticed a suspicious individual on site. As he began emptying some contents from his back pack he was seen removing and holding a hand gun. An immediate audio call out was made in an attempt to stop the suspect from proceeding with his plan. After being ignored, PHX PD was dispatched. Suspect was on the move, PD arrived onsite and with the assistance of the specialist began their search. After a brief foot pursuit the suspect was apprehended. It is believed that CV stopped what would have been an armed robbery and maybe even something worse. #notonourwatch

Fire at Retail Shopping Center

While conducting LIVE monitoring at a retail shopping center, our Surveillance Specialist noticed Phoenix Fire Dept entering the property. It was at this time that smoke was observed coming from a dumpster on site that quickly erupted into fire. At that moment CV called PHX Fire to assist their efforts and direct them to the dumpster. CV received confirmation of the fire being contained to the dumpster and that no damage to the adjacent wall or nearby shopping center occurred. CV concluded an extensive video investigation and determined that there was no evidence of arson or criminal activity that may have started the fire from on site. It is believed that the cause of the fire came from the other side of the perimeter wall, which is now under investigation by P.D. Another great job of CV and PHX Fire Dept. working together to protect and serve! #NotOnOurWatch

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