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Nothing ruins your day like getting your bike stolen, so the Surveillance Specialists at Centralized Vision spend lots of time and attention watching for theft at bike racks. Luxury residential communities are a likely target for bike thieves, but with sharp eyes and audio voice down capability, Centralized Vision is making sure there’s zero tolerance […]

Arrest Warranted!

Another arrest scored for Centralized Vision! This week, CV Specialists were treated to an incident of suspicious loitering in the rear area of a retail shopping center; two males were spotted, hiding behind a dumpster, up to no good! These shady characters ignored several minutes of audio voice-down before CV personnel dispatched Police. When officers […]

This Is Not A Drill

After hours break-ins are a huge risk for all businesses, especially properties that are under renovation. Boarded up and closed for construction, this Arizona mall was targeted by well-prepared criminals who brought a full kit with them, including a power drill and even a tool belt! While nabbing these crooks ended up being a lot […]

Surveillance Never Sleeps!

What could be more fun than having an entire mall to yourself? Arresting after-hours trespassers, of course! Closed for extensive renovations, this mall is a prime target for vandals, thieves, and other mischievous explorers. Last weekend, under the cover of night, 5 teenagers decided to break-in through an air duct causing hundreds of dollars’ worth […]

The Voice of Security

Audio voice-down can be a powerful tool for stopping mischief and mayhem on any property. In this instance, voice-down was exactly what the situation called for when a CV Surveillance Specialist spotted a thief breaking into vehicles overnight at this car dealership. As soon as our Specialist started to call out, the thief got going. […]

Fast Firefighting with Surveillance

“When structures catch fire outdoors, the situation can often go unnoticed until it becomes extremely dangerous. Hidden away from customer traffic and filled with flammable items, dumpsters are a frequent danger-point for many businesses. CV Specialists carefully monitor outdoor structures and equipment, including dumpsters: when the trash started cooking in the rear of this shopping […]

Stay on Top of Roof Activity

“Could you prowl around unnoticed on a rooftop? These guys thought they could, until a CV Surveillance Specialist caught the activity and called the police! Air conditioners and other types of rooftop equipment can be an easy payday for adventurous thieves. That’s why Centralized Vision utilizes a combination of cameras and motion sensors to catch […]

Closed Means Closed

“Some people just don’t take no for an answer, even when the mall is closed for renovation. But these weren’t bargain hunters breaking and entering into the mall after hours. Our Surveillance Specialist managed to spot the two intruders as they arrived on property, dispatching Police right away. Already caught in the act of breaking […]


Water costs money and CV is happy to say we assisted with saving this community a lot of it, and prevented damage as well. CV made the recommendation that the community add a surveillance camera inside the pump room located within its resort style pool. Not only so we could stop would be thieves and […]