Channel Partners

When Centralized Vision either identifies the need or is asked by a current customer for service, maintenance or installation of equipment, we refer you to one of our highly qualified national channel partners. This is a select group that we feel closely aligns with our business ethics, morals, and standards. Each partner, although similar in nature, has its own unique skill sets which sets them apart.

Our channel partners can be trusted when new equipment installations are needed, equipment takeovers are needing to be assigned, or service maintenance needs to be implemented. They can update your existing equipment for proactive use. They bridge the gaps in your system. This may mean the addition of audio speakers, more cameras, or a call box. Or, it may mean a whole new system for card access or camera surveillance. It may include devices that make virtual engineering possible at your site, reducing the chances that a power outage, flood, or HVAC breakdown will go unchecked.

As we develop a plan with you for surveillance safety and security, our channel partners can provide the expertise needed to bring any system up to the right level. Please call us or contact us at to discuss your surveillance requirements.

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