Active Construction Security

Secure Your Construction Site with LIVE, Remote Monitoring

Construction sites are bustling hubs of activity, and it’s impossible to keep a constant eye on everything. From site to site, valuable construction materials are out in the open, subcontractors are coming and going, and worker safety is of paramount importance. Real-time vigilance is essential before, during and after construction hours. In fact, construction companies’ and developers’ insurance oftentimes require security systems on active sites, and for many years, companies hired security guards.

Today, on-site security personnel (and their associated costs) have given way to state-of-the-art technology that ensures 24/7 vigilance at a fraction of the cost.
Live, remote monitoring is the gold standard for proactive, cost-effective surveillance of active construction sites. Whether it’s monitoring worker safety, detecting intruders, watching over costly materials or appliances, or checking for potential hazards that could also affect the surrounding neighborhood, Virtual Guard has proven to be an effective plug-and-play solution with surveillance units throughout the duration of a construction project.

Regardless of the construction job at hand, no project is too small or too large to derive the benefits of remote monitoring from Centralized Vision that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Vehicle/pedestrian gates monitoring ensures gates are closed with malfunctioning/compromised gates, e.g., in the open position, secured/repaired as appropriate.
  • AI-powered motion detection capabilities safeguard the premises from intruders. True human/vehicle detection with 99% accuracy allows Centralized Vision to be highly efficient.
  • Vendors/tradespersons monitoring ensures they’re in authorized areas, conducting business as expected.
  • Site and Perimeter area monitoring detects criminals, vagrants and/or trespassers before an incident occurs, addressing and challenging them with audio talk down; if ignored, security patrol and/or police are dispatched.
  • Dumpster monitoring, as part of routine checks during and after construction hours, ensures dumpsters are used by appropriate personnel only. If otherwise, audio talk down is used and security patrol and/or police are dispatched if necessary.

Secure Your Construction Site

For your next construction project, find out how remote monitoring with Virtual Guard is a powerful deterrent, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism and unauthorized access.