Virtual Guard

Virtual Guard-Live Security Monitoring?

Number of Cameras to be Monitored?

Note - If over 100 cameras (for any one location), please contact your sales manager for pricing

Note - Count all multi-lens cameras as just 1 camera

Please Enter Number of Hours
of Monitoring for each day:

Total Number of Hours Monitored Each Week


Virtual Guard

Wholesale Retail
Security Camera Monitoring $ 0 $ 0
Total Monthly Price $ 0 $ 0

One time start up fees are as follows:

Connection w/o VPN $110

Connection w/ VPN $220.

Note: We realize that not every opportunity fits perfectly within the pricing matrix as we have a very customizable approach. For any opportunities that arise that don’t work within its framework please reach out to your sales manager with those scenarios. Also note that we do offer price breaks for opportunities that consist of multiple locations. Those price breaks can be established ahead of time but will not be reflected on billing until each facility is onboarded.