Protect Your Healthcare Sanctuary with Vigilant, Virtual Eyes

Healthcare facilities are not just buildings; they’re sanctuaries of care, wellness and healing. Ensuring the safety and security of patients, staff and valuable assets—from high-tech medical equipment to life saving medication—requires an uncompromising responsibility. Security systems within healthcare facilities such as urgent care centers, free-standing pharmacies, hospitals and medical practices must be robust. Staying one step ahead of potential threats is paramount.

That’s where live, remote monitoring comes in. Healthcare buildings are active around the clock, and security systems armed with Virtual Guard and/or Virtual Greeter offer unwavering vigilance, 24/7. What’s more, each healthcare environment is unique with its own specific security challenges. Centralized Vision offers customized solutions whether you need to watch over staff, secure sensitive patient data or protect valuable medical equipment.

And that’s not all…

Centralized Vision’s Virtual Engineer proactively monitors healthcare buildings’ critical systems from temperature and lighting to plumbing and electrical to deliver continuous surveillance, ensuring that every corner of your facility remains under watch. Real-time updates and alerts allow for immediate responses to outages and potential threats, reducing the risk of incidents for patient and staff safety.

Here are some of the benefits of live monitoring within healthcare environments:

  • Visual Escort and Scout Ahead. Centralized Vision’s Surveillance Specialists are available for medical staff, working round-the-clock shifts, to request to be escorted while walking to and from their destinations. With Scout Ahead, specialists are available for staff members to request an “all clear” to their destinations prior to departure.
  • Oversight of access control alerts, such as forced or propped doors, safeguards access to restricted areas.
  • Card access monitoring ensures persons seen approaching and/or entering have authorized, key card access and are assisted or challenged accordingly. Surveillance Specialists can control doors remotely if necessary.
  • Smart systems oversight. With Virtual Engineer, areas susceptible to power surges, flooding, fires, etc. are monitored with close attention to malfunctioning or damaged mechanisms.
  • Audio talk down and communication can accompany surveillance cameras on the premises, serving as a deterrent in the event of suspicious activity to let bad actors know, “This location is under LIVE video surveillance.”
  • Emergency call box (Code Blue or similar) communication and 911 response is provided by Centralized Vision and to answer the call of the bell.

Secure Your Healthcare Facility

Find out more on how live monitoring is a proactive, responsive and cost-effective means of ensuring the safety, privacy and operational integrity of your healthcare facility. A secure environment gives healthcare professionals peace of mind so they can focus on their core mission: to provide excellent care to patients. Contact Us today.