Company Timeline


Centralized Vision: Transforming the Notion of Security from Passive to Proactive


Tom and Tami Vigilante’s journey into the world of safety and security began with a vision to fulfill a pressing industry need and a passion for making a meaningful impact.

In 2007, following successful careers in sales and marketing (as well as an accomplished career in collegiate baseball for Tom), they founded Centralized Vision with a clear mission: To transform customers’ existing surveillance systems—often regarded as “passive”—into proactive security solutions through the innovation of live, remote monitoring.

Curious by nature and a self-prescribed “solutions guy,” Tom recognized a gap in the security landscape: There was an abundance of legacy security cameras and related components out there, but how were they being fully utilized for the real-time world? What good was it to have to pour over reels of poor-quality security footage after an incident had occurred?

From the outset, Centralized Vision developed Virtual Guard, the company’s flagship service and hallmark achievement. Virtual Guard was designed to bridge the gap, integrating legacy security systems and real-time monitoring.

Early Success

Working with Virtual Guard’s early adopters, auto dealerships and retail shopping centers, Tom realized another immediate need: To augment security cameras with audio talk down.

Today, Audio Voice Down is referred to in the security industry as “The Voice of God.” However, in 2008, the audio talk down movement was in its infancy. For Centralized Vision, it was a logical capability to be coupled with its real-time video surveillance.
Transforming the notion of security from a passive endeavor into a proactive one, it’s no wonder the company turned profitable within the first six months of its inception and served 20 direct customers.
Centralized Vision was empowering its customers to stay ahead of potential threats with Virtual Guard Surveillance Specialists, watching over their properties, responding swiftly to incidents and preventing security breaches before they could escalate. And that was just the beginning.

‘If you build it, they will come.’

An increasing need for real-time, proactive security across various industries—from schools and residential communities, logistics and light industrial, to cannabis retail and cultivation—drove the company’s steady growth. As did the company’s development of other core services, Virtual Greeter and Virtual Engineer, furthering its ability to customize surveillance solutions to fit customers’ safety and security needs. Tom and Tami credit their early success and sustained growth to “redundancy” and “never veering from our mission.”
“We have always been a monitoring company.” – Tom Vigilante

As such, when the opportunity presented itself to take its virtual live monitoring services to equipment and integration companies on a national level, Centralized Vision’s Smart Partner Program was born in 2013. It was a chance to align with organizations, providing a powerful solution to add to their value propositions.

The commission-based program presents a “better together” approach; Centralized Vision and integration channel partners meet the increasing safety and security needs of companies seeking comprehensive, customized solutions. To elevate the program, Rich Flanagan was brought on board in 2019 as a partner and Executive Vice President.

A visionary leader with a successful track record as a top sales and marketing expert in financial services, and creating innovative tools and solutions for measurable results, Rich was instrumental in the creation of Vision Information Center (V.I.C.), Centralized Vision’s proprietary software designed to drive internal efficiencies. In addition to driving the V.I.C. initiative and nurturing the channel partner program, Rich is also a longtime family friend of the Vigilantes and a close friend of Tom’s since high school.

Living the dream: A family-first culture

A dreamer from an early age, it’s not lost on Tom the commitment over the years of Tami by his side “shoulder to shoulder” as well as “the people that come in here every day that help me live out my dream.” The Vigilantes share a close relationship with their son and daughter, Dayne and Tatum, and throughout their journey, they’ve managed to preserve Centralized Vision’s culture as a tight-knit family.

It’s a culture characterized by open communication, team building events, and continuous training in safety, security and CPR. Add to this, employee recognition and diversity as well as opportunities for growth and a dedication to promoting from within.
“It’s a company culture we’re proud of, especially helping provide for employees’ families…their livelihoods.”

– Tami Vigilante

Safeguarding others creates lasting impact.

In early 2023, Centralized Vision expanded its National Command Center, more than doubling in size from 1,800 to 5,000 square feet. Here, certified Surveillance Specialists are live 24/7/365, monitoring customer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to the center’s substantial expansion, other areas of the Phoenix-based National Operations Center were also expanded, including staff common areas, operations and information technology. The way Tom puts it, the expanded space lends itself to the company’s ability to be hyper redundant in safeguarding what matters most to customers.

As for the future, the Vigilantes see no end to the aggressive market need for sophisticated monitoring services in the evolving universe of safety and security. They look forward to servicing an even broader clientele, such as enterprise level clients, while maintaining the high level of customization on which they built the company. They also envision taking its Smart Partner Program to new heights, scaling it for the masses.

When you’re in the business of making the world a safer place, there’s no resting on your laurels.