K-12 Education

Create a Safer and More Secure Campus with Real-Time, Remote Monitoring

Creating a safe and secure campus for K-12 schools that promotes the well-being and academic success of students is a paramount concern for educators, administrators, parents and communities alike. In today’s ever-changing world, threats can emerge from numerous scenarios within these sensitive and complex environments. Whether a lost child, medical incident, fight among students, social media threat, an intruder or, in the worst-case scenario, active shooter on campus, a comprehensive safety and security strategy is priority No. 1 for K-12 schools.
The direct impact of a comprehensive approach to safety and security begins before and long after the bell rings with morning drop off, passing between classes, afternoon pickup, and various after-school activities and events. Among the many components of such strategies, virtual monitoring has emerged as an indispensable tool.
For Centralized Vision, the significance of real-time, remote monitoring is nowhere fully realized than on a school campus. In these dynamic environments that increasingly require heightened diligence and quality technology (i.e., security cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, etc.) amid a backdrop of budget cuts and funding concerns, virtual monitoring is a cost-effective, proactive way to watch over multiple areas simultaneously, helping school authorities respond promptly to emerging situations.

Moreover, Centralized Vision specializes in assessing schools’ existing technology and bringing it to life. We believe that a monitored security camera is better than an unmonitored camera, regardless of age. For K-12 schools, the implementation and use of Virtual Guard and Virtual Greeter have provided the ability for Centralized Vision to become an integral part of a school’s culture.
From our National Command Center, Certified Surveillance Specialists work in tandem with administrators, security personnel, faculty and students to ensure peace of mind that we’re watching over all areas of campus, especially during key times of bustling activity.

Our experience with school districts and private schools is vast, and we understand the inherent challenges within these environments. Here are some of the extensive services we offer K-12 schools:

  • Assessment of operational workflow of the campus. From daily bell schedules, lunch and passing periods to student tardy and visitor protocols, Centralized Vision fully evaluates how a campus operates and how best we can add value, virtually.
  • Security expertise and consult. Allow Centralized Vision and our partners to assess your operational workflow and existing surveillance system. We pride ourselves on helping busy school administrators navigate and make decisions within their multifaceted environments. We’ve even been known to consult on use scenarios for grant writing!
  • AI technology for active shooter. Implemented as part of a comprehensive security system for early detection, our experience with AI technology allows Centralized Vision to identify active shooters to stop incidents before they occur.
  • Closed campus protocols. One of the many areas Virtual Guard serves as an “eye in the sky,” assisting security guards or other campus personnel, we provide proactive, simultaneous oversight of all gates and entry points.
  • Lockdown zones. When every second counts, our Surveillance Specialists can shut doors remotely, locking down areas known as “zones,” in the event of an emergency.
  • Kiosk security. One of the areas Virtual Greeter serves, allow Centralized Vision to assist with traffic flow at your campus kiosks. This virtual receptionist can greet parents or vendors and serve as a barrier to entry for unauthorized visitors.

Secure Your Education Facility

Don’t leave the protection of your K-12 school environment to chance. For more information on how Centralized Vision’s services can create a safer and more secure campus that fosters the well-being and academic development of your students and those who care for them, Contact Us today.