Pricing Matrix

Virtual Guard

Virtual Guard-Live Security Monitoring?

Number of Cameras to be Monitored?

(If over 100 cameras, please call for pricing)

Please Enter Number of Hours
of Monitoring for each day:

Total Number of Hours Monitored Each Week

Access Control Monitoring?

How many points to be monitored?

Access Control Database Management?

With this service we will ensure that your database of authorized users is clean and accurate and ensure it stays that way by acting as the administrator in activating and deactivating users. Users can be activated or deactivated 24hrs a day.

Virtual Greeter/Concierge

Virtual Greeter/Concierge?

Note: Pricing is based on 24hr coverage. No customized hours allowed.

If Yes, will we act as the primary or secondary contact?

Please choose whether Centralized Vision will act as the primary contact when a visitor or vendor calls through the call box or as the secondary if the primary (resident) does not answer.

Number of Residences Included:

(If over 500 residences, please call for pricing)

Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering?

Number of Systems Monitored

Please include all systems to which Centralized Vision will be monitoring the alerts. This can include, but not limited to, systems such as HVAC, Flood Detection, Humidity Control etc.

(If over 10 systems monitored, please call for pricing)


Virtual Guard

Wholesale Retail
Security Camera Monitoring
Access Control Monitoring $ 0 $ 0
Database Management $ 0 $
Security Camera/Access Control Combo Discount

When choosing both security camera monitoring with access control monitoring and database management you will receive a discount on the bundled service.

$ 0 $ 0
Total Monthly Price $ 0 $ 0

Virutal Greeter/Concierge

Virutal Greeter/Concierge Pricing
$ 0
$ 0

Virtual Engineering

Vision Guard.
$ 0
$ 0

Total Cost for All Services

Total Monthly
$ 0
$ 0
Total Annually
$ 0 $ 0

One Time Setup Fee charged at rate of $110hr

(Typical time required per Virtual Service is 2-3 hours)

Note: We realize that not every opportunity fits perfectly within the pricing matrix as we have a very customizable approach. Please contact us with any questions, ideas or challenges that may arise from your discovery with client. Also note that we do offer price breaks for opportunities that consist of multiple facilities. Those price breaks can be established ahead of time but will not be reflected on billing until each facility is onboarded.

IMPORTANT: Do not send quote directly to customer as it contains wholesale pricing!